Rome - hotel recommendation?

Am looking to take the missus to Rome for 3 nights in november. Anybody got any personal experience or recommendations on places to stay? ideally under £100 a night, in the centre (but not near the railway station, which i understand is a bit of a seedy area).

looking for something within walking distance of the major sights.

Going to Rome at beginning of November with wife myself, got a good hotel (seems to be anyway). Will pm you later with details, approx 2 miles from Trevi Fountain, so seems pretty central
Rome is quite a small city. So anywhere is within reasonable walking distance. Trastavere is a nice part of town, but a hundred quid budget will get you a decent room, especially in Nov.

try I have used the site before and it is OK.


I know a great place with a nice balcony over some square.

You might have to kiss the present owners ring though............... Oh and no wives, allegedly!
Matey, try this link, I always use it for wherever & its generally bang on.

As for Rome, I stayed here

for 4 nights with Mrs SA Jan 2006. Excellent hotel, just out of the way, about 20 minute walk straight down the Via Del Corso to the main attractions (forum/colesium) but 5 mins from the Spanish steps, nice cafe/bars/restaurants around it.

Bit expensive but mucho brownie points scored with Mrs SA. :twisted:

Fantastic city enjoy!!
This place is fantastic:

Smack in the middle of the old quarter, 5 minutes walk from almost everywhere and absolutely lovely.

I didn't stay in the hotel but in one of their apartments that they let out. As Campo de Fiori is the Roman equivalent of Covent Garden(ie veg & meat market), you just potter downstairs to buy your breakfast fresh each day, and use the restaurants in the square at night!

One piece of advice, plan your trip itinerary very carefully as 3 days is quite a short time for Rome. If you intend to do the Vatican it will take up a whole day (museum included), about half a day for the ancient quarter etc.

The part that I enjoyed the most was visiting the miriade churchs tucked away everywhere, with amazing artwork.

Do beware however if you intend to have a meal in the Jewish quarter. Some of the restaurants there have 2 different wine lists, one in Italian and one in English. In the English version the prices are inflated by upto fourfold. It is illegal, but it still happens, and did to me until I noticed the difference and offered to render the waiters circumcision pointless!

If you get a couple of decent guide books before you go and do your homework you will have a fantastic time!!

Have Fun.
Domus Inn Via Velletri, Just come back,4 days through !! Excellent rooms,continental Bfast brought to you, everywhere accessible on the transport system.Staff brilliant,couldnt do enough.Sort out taxi from airport with hotel first, the touts need culling!! :D
cheers for all the advice, found a nice little place near the spanish steps. good reviews on tripadvisor etc. £250 for 3 days, flights costing me 190 euros return and her about £60 return. throw in a few overpriced meals, taxi fare from ciampino airport etc and i should be nicely broke when i come back! :)
I was in Rome a couple of weekends ago with Mrs Wingman, We had a really good time, too much to see and do. Taxi fare from ciampino airport is fixed at 30 Euros by a new law they have brought in.
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