Romantic Weekends Away

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by needforspeed, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. One of my work colleagues wants to take her husband away for a romantic weekend (fcuk fest) does anybody have any good ideas for locations.

    He will be back from Afghan in Feb.

    HTB sensible comments please.
  2. Where are they based, as theres no point wasting the weekend driving hundreds of miles.
    If a lady wanted to take me away for a romantic weekend, I'd appreciate a nice country inn with good food and drink, nice scenery and some peace and quiet.
  3. Yes, but maybe the couple in question are under 60.
  4. Alright then, how is this for sensible?

    A) It's a boozer with rooms and as a resident you can drink
    somewhat later than others
    B) It's reasonable dosh wise
    C) It's in Bampton about 5 mins from Brize so no time wasted on the fcuk
    Haven't been there meself for about 5 years so can't vouch for it since then
    but was very good then and good scoff. There are a couple of other boozers in the village a short stumble away as well. Failing that try this one,

    Burford being about another 5 minutes down the road from Brize. Both are on the edge of the Cotswolds, and make you glad to be back in good old Blighty when coming back from an "ethical foriegn policy" trip.
    Nice scenery as well if you bother your arrse to get out of bed!
    Sensible enough?
  5. Well it wont be much of a fuckfest if they spend the weekend larging it up on the town, will it Moods?
  6. No stamina, that's your problem old timer.
  7. Centreparcs...cheapest time of the year in February. Its got everything and a day at the Spa is great though extra treatments are a tad expensive. They have restaurants if you don't want to cook, villas even have log fires.

    Clicky Link
  8. Old timer? you cheeky cow, I could still leave you walking funny after a weekend of Olympian standard sport fucking. :)
  9. You've never been then because there is not a chav in sight! its great fun too!! fuddy duddy :p
  10. Apologies

    Nearest airport is Duss or Koln and they are in their early 30's
  11. I prefer to spend my free time in luxury, not sweating my tits off pedaling round a cross between the Forest of Dean and The Eden Project.

    However, you should do it more often and shift a few pounds chubby.
  12. Why not spend the weekend sucking off fat truckers at Newport Pagnell Service station?

    Thats my favourite way to spend a weekend