Romanian Gypsy "Outreach Worker" convicted of benefits fraud

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stabradop, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. When in Roma...

    Sorry, when in UK do as you do in Roma.

  2. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Do you know what would help? ID cards. Bring back Brown!
  3. How about an immigration policy? Any policy other than an open door might help.
    Another radical idea, we stop paying benefits to immigrants, especially those who turn up specifically for the purpose? Might save a few quid....
  4. I wonder how much she paid for her 'two degrees'.
  5. Good to know that we are doing our bit for the underpriviledged of the E.U.
  6. I was in the region when they announced that Romania was now in the EU. There was widespread celebrations, not by the Roma, but from the locals in Romania and the surrounding countries who then proceeded to start running their age old crime problem out of town and pointing them West and telling them they could claim 'free money' and 'free houses' when they got to Britain..

    Driving back to the UK a month after the entry date was interesting. Loads of decrepit Dacias, bus's and trucks loaded to the gills with Roma and their belongings, chugging along the roads like some Biblical exodus, all heading to Calais.
  7. It is hardly news, the recce elements of 1(Roma) Shock Army reached Dublin about six years ago...
  8. Do you think she's a wriggler or a moaner?
  9. Hmm.... where are all our "apologists" for our wonderful "multiculturaly enriched" society on this one, strangely hushed I feel, and this is only the tip of the iceberg there have been many other similar "immigrant scams" :- Family worth £1m jailed after claiming £170,000 in benefits | News and :- Nigerian woman bought a baby for £150 to qualify for a council house in Britain | Mail Online and :- Benefit fraud: Croydon benefit thief gets suspended sentence and this :- Employee relations - Google Livres
    But of course you might be accused of RACISM by some of the "handwringers" for daring to point this trend!
  10. Surprising that someone who was a role model for gypsies and the only one who actually got anywhere in society, should turn out be a thief.

    People will be saying they are all like that now.
  11. What on earth gives you that idea?
  12. Paging Whet, (when he whakes up), Ashie and paperpuke.

    She was a perfect role model.

    They are what they are and no amount of sticking their fingers in their ears and yelling 'Nah! nah! I can't hear you' by the chattering classes can change that.
  13. It has been reported that Monseur Sarkee-ozie of France is going to get the French authorities to crack down and close all illegal Roma gypsy site all over France soon.... There could be as many as 50,000....Guess where they will all be heading..... Yup!!

    Calais... then Dover and all points west, east, north and London....... Of course all the bleeding hearted commie doo-gooders and others of that ilk will be demanding that they are all...

    (a) Allowed into the UK..
    (b) Given cash, plasmas, houses, sites to set up where ever they want....
    (c) Maybe putting them on the same sites as Irish Travellers will seal the fraternal greeting from across the seas...
    (d) The 'Uming Rites' industry will be galloping along bleating and whining about 'Umin Rites'.....

    Of course I jest really...... why would they want to come here.... Oh yes, I forget.... spineless UK gubbermunts and a history of caving in to the bleats and whines of all and any minority groups that comes to our shores with their begging bowls out...