Romanian beggars in London -again.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by old_bloke, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Nobody will do anything, Olympics is over
  2. I remember when the feckers came to Berlin when the wall came down.....Hitler had a point
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  3. Well that's broken Britain for you, are there still not enough penniless natives to fill the capitals begging niche?
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  4. Of all places in London to set up camp, they sleep a few hundred metres away from a barracks where, every morning 200 odd horses go out for exercise at 7am. And park lane itself is pretty noisy.
  5. Thick feckers, if they'd come in as illegals they'd have been given a house, £300 aweek, free NHS, free dental care etc etc etc
  6. There was a Romanian family trying out the pea under a cup routine in Greenwich Park the other day. It was easy to see it was a scam, I've never seen so many people who look alike grab a score from wallets that fast and be happy when they lost!
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  7. JCB and a bit of motivation is all that's needed.
  8. The dirty fuckig grotters...burn them all with fire.
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  9. For the last couple of weeks my job meant I had to take a late evening train home from my nearest city. The first evening I hovvered outside for a smoke and a young, reasonably smartly dressed young man, (white, local accent) verypolitely asked if I could give him 90 pence towards a room for the night. I knew I had no change and apologetically told him so. I actually worried about that for a while but half an hour later, (my train was delayed) I was at the other entrance having a smoke when the same guy came up with the same story. This week he tried again. Asking for 90p is a good tactic of course - anyone willing to give is hardly likely to ask for 10p back from a quid coin. The bastard must be minting it. Anyone been to India and experience the tsunamis of beggars?
  10. I disagree.
  11. Fixed, etc etc
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  12. Better in Marble Arch than where ordinary people live. Let the rich know what it's like to have a load of undesirables move in. I wonder if this lady here will be back to see them off.

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  13. I seem to recall reading something somewhere (I know, suitably vague!) that in certian areas of oil rich Middle East countries begging is actually a lucrative career choice and "patches" are guarded quite strongly.
    Back there in the UK, though, shoot the *******.
  14. This same territorial jealousy applies in the UK. 'English' Big Issue salespeople are being muscled out by Roma types who are keen to take the pitches. This story has been covered many times on Arrse: The reason they are so keen to flog the Big Issue is that it gives them self-employed status and therefore access to a whole raft of benefits.

    This is the tip of ice berg. The Daily Mail frequently covers these stories but cunningly it's dismissed as hateful by the soft soapers. Anybody who thinks that this rag is exaggerating should take a day trip to Chiswick or Earl's Court or indeed Marylebone.

    Having covered these stories for various broadcasters my tolerance has disappeared out of the window with my naivety.
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