Are annual traing is romania this year .Guess even we deserve a break from oakhampton.Anyone been before ?Any tips?
Unless it's changed since last time I was there, it is the sort of place where bivvying and shitting in the woods is preferable to using any of their "facilities"
May the lord have mercy on your souls...


Prepare to be a millionaire (if you arn't one already).

Facilities are basic, but the craic is good.

Dress for the occasion and always fly with a wingman.

Oh! the training is good if your unit hit the right balance.


Dress for the occasion ?Does that mean smart casual instead of ronhills flip flops and a smeggy tour t shirt ? Or something more specfic ?
Supposedly going to dracs castle and having a mountain warfare exercise (with sf thats going to be fun ) And a coin exercise.Going in september take its going to be warm ?
Been to ukraine (nice people cheap beer bits of it worked) and lithuania ( almost like a western country ) before so have a vague idea
what I'm in for.


went out before when nicole kidman was filming some flik out there and crab air would fly us over to meet her the twats
trained very hard (even easy days are hard out there )
went on piss all with smoking jackets and ciggarete holders ala noel coward and got in a mega scrap with local olafs and egors for getting local dorisis up to dance
all in all a fantastic place to train


went in 2000 stayed in a romanian army camp in focsani 150km north of bucharest, the camp was a s**thole being very dirty and run down and the facilities were even worse. and you have to only use bottled water and that includes when you brush your teeth as their water is so dirty, the toilets are a hole in the ground that is always blocked up and stinking (just like la courtine in france).
on the up side the beer is cheap as are cigs but be carefull as when we went out for the night in town the pimps told all the locals to stay away or get hurt and then flooded the only nightclub in town with their girls which were double baggers. also don't forget that they have a high pecentage of hiv/aids in romania. :thumbdown:


Get on a course, soon as. Or ask if there is room on someone elses Okehampton camp?
Ukraine is first world compared to Romania. If you go jogging off-camp or on public track..ahem..road, watch out for stray dogs in packs. They can be quite attentive, the sods!

Also air quality is atrocious and I suggest you take a facelet if you are going to go all out - in an urban environment. In the boonies it isn't so bad...


Take plenty of garlic and silver crosses.....
Or find van Helsing to tag along.
In Bucharest the women are so good looking , not a fat one insight, There are some great "bars" as for training I can't say only stayed there 3 nights for a stop off while en route to the Stan.
I'd be careful of the locals. A mate of mine (TA) went there on exercise and when in a local bar with other TA soldiers they had their drinks spiked and were robbed blind, rings, watches, credit cards, wallets and MOD 90s. He still has the piss ripped out of him over it, especially over if he got shagged up the arrse at the same time.


Place is a shit hole locals dodgy just like pompey then. On plus side some women good looking and beer cheap unlike pompey.
mate at work went on holiday there thought it was ok but hot and driving bonkers
he's of to bosnia and serba in may so bit odd
If you get to go out on the lash in Bucharest, go to the Club Orient.

It was the best night of my young life. The girls were fantastic and ever so willing.

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