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Roman Soldiers skit

I have been searching the Internet for an old sketch, 1970's or earlier, can't remember if it was radio or TV with no result so far - does anyone here remember it?
It was a group of Roman soldiers who troop onstage & the "sergeant" shouts out something like
"Alright lads, Number off!"
And they go: "I" "II" "III" "IV" etc.

Does anyone else remember this with any names that could help me find it please? Hope the erudite members of ARRSE can help.
Cheers! :)

ps I've tried Frankie Howard, Sid James, the Goons, Monty Python with no result so far...
FWIW - we used to play this game in the battery bar in Munsterlager, early '70s. First one to miss the count bought the next round...

Roman Soldiers, number off: I (eye), II (eye eye), III (eye eye eye),
IV (eye vee) etc., etc.

Fun when pissed.

I don't know which came first - the film or the drinking game.

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