'Roma' - The Plot Thickens

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Ciggie, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. Seems France is up for a spanking in the European Court for the deportations. Interesting. In the spirit of He who casts the first stone, I would hope that the countries who are getting indignant are prepared to open their doors wide to these 'travellers', and the individual politicians and lawyers will be offering them a pitch on their expansive manicured lawns, and a coffee in the kitchen of a morning.
  2. Well done to the French - well done!

    Another example of what we can expect if we cross some unelected, unsackable, overpaid apparatchik of the enormously expensive and wholly corrupt European Soviet Union (ESU).

    We HAVE to divest ourselves of the dreadful monster that the 'trading union' that is the ESU has become.

    These poltroons, these smug twerps control almost every aspect of our lives.

    When will we have the promised referendum to opt out of the awful sack of sh!t the ESU is? When? When? Will it be before blood is spilt on the streets - the streets of Brussels?

    When the honest and hard working man and woman of this once great nation realise how much of their lives is governed by the rubbish masquerading as the commission and 'parliament' of Europe, there will be serious trouble for the British politician who refuses the option to fvck Europe straight out of it's own arrse!!!

    Just announced that the fatuous and failed oaf Brown, who under the cover of darkness and in a press blackout signed away the remnants of our sovereignty, is to lecture at some establishment on: 'The politics of economics'. FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Just announced: Harvard - I knew the Americans had very little grip on the 'real world'.
  3. It's not European countries, it's the executive of the European parliament under pressure from human rights groups.

    So the EU's justice commissioner, Viviane Reding takes a most undiplomatic swipe at Les Francais.

    She probably regrets having missed the opportunity to grandstand the last time the Balkans kicked off.

    But paying migrants to go home is hardly ethnic cleansing, dusting perhaps, but not cleansing.

  4. These people cannot be integrated into French culture. They are leeches living on handouts. I support their removal. If only we could do the same within the UK.
  5. Don't the Frogs have a history of ignoring the EU when it suits them?
  6. I hope the frogs tell them to fuck off.
  7. seconded......
  8. Just so long as they point them East and not in the direction of Calais I couldn't give a toss.
    For once I fully support the French, it is their right to decide who they want to be allowed to reside in their country.
    I look forward to the day our own government is as decisive.
  9. It's one of their better qualities :)
  10. This is turning into a bit of a French love-in, what the devil would Neslon make of it? Actually, I agree. The French do typically put their own interests first, fuck everyone else. It's about time we started doing the same.
  11. Roma - Criminals

    I blame that Hitler for not wiping them out when he had the chance.
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I am confused.

    I thought the French were our enemies who eat babies and shit in their hand then throw it over their shoulder like monkeys?

    That they were lying thieving smelly gits and we dont like them very much because of their thieving smelly garlic stinking ways.

    And now you tell me there are people who are more French than the French? The Roma you say? Do they smell of garlic more than the French?

    Gosh. The modern world, eh?
  13. The Lord Nelson, of Immortal Memory, would have destroyed the European Soviet Union's Fleet at the first given opportunity.

    Lord Nelson, of Immortal Memory, was not comfortable with foreign excrement threatening his Sovereign and his nation.

    I doubt that His Grace the Duke of Wellington would have been more welcoming to the the 'Euro-filth' now mounting attack after attack upon our Sovereign nation.

    The Euro-swine will, as have all unelected dictators in history, be destroyed - destroyed WITHOUT 'pay-offs' and gigantic pensions. Hopefully, and I am serious, the senior Euro-filth' will end their days dangling, a la Mussolini, from lamp-posts - unlit to save 'global warming'.
  14. Have I missed something? Why are the Roma so interested in moving to France? It's not as if they think they will be welcomed with open arms or given generous handouts or anything.