Rolls Royce mates with a Tesco Store

Thought i would pop into my local tesco to get a few bits and bobs on the way home from work just to find someone had decided to park their Rolls in the store and so it was closed! Some people are so selfish!

BBC News
I don't mean to be picky Rodent, but is this something for 'Current Affairs'. You don't say where your Tesco shop is. If it's not The Meadows then I sympathise ( to a small extent) but I'm not that interested. Now Miss Bedford Truck 2009 is a different story.
ticklishrodent said:
If you read the link it allows you the gift of knowledge
It just goes to show how deep this recession is when Lord and Lady Snodgrass resort to Ram Raiding
Aye, well it's easy to be disgruntled with Tesco, nobody hurt, guy's a winner.

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