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Rolling Stones revival



On a visit to Denmark Street, in London's old Tin Pan Alley, Regent Sounds claimed their shop to be the place the 'Stones recorded their first album. Does anyone know where the original Marquee Club, where the Stones gigged in 1963, on Oxford Street was?


Book Reviewer
/wah vest and visor on/
its a Wetherspoons pub now.
/wah vest and visor off./

i've seen quite a few 'legends' play such as: Dylan, J Brown, Robert Plant, Roger Daltry, Patti Smith...and many pretty good modern bands but by far The Stones is the best band experience ever had. It was the 40 Licks Tour..probably not their best ever but I thought it was fantastic. Even the boxset is great fun to watch 10 years later after a few drinks.

(going back to stay next door to Jerry Hall's house also added to the evening but that's another story!)
No Spoons pub on Oxford St, matey, they can't afford the rent. Also Tremaine, the Stones gigged there first in '62.


Book Reviewer
Rumour has it they'll be doing Glastonbury as a farewell. I have a sneaking suspicion the farewell gig in Europe or the States would be a lot less trouble and a lot more fun.

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