Roller blinds - retro fit motor?

I was considering retro fitting motors to my Dad's roller blinds. He has limited manual dexterity and I thought motorised blinds might help?
Is it worth putting motors in or better to start from scratch with purpose made kit?

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
either replace the blinds with units that are already motorised, or get a special kit designed to work with them. are they plastic or metal , do they run freely, are they external internal ?
you need automatic end stops, plus resistance controls in case a hand or limb get stuck in them, or child
rather like car windows
also a power source that is surge protected, and overheating and overloading protected


I would agree that it's best to get purpose-built kit with all the necessary safety stuff built in. Electricity is a harsh mistress when you screw around with her.

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