roll up, sign the new e-petition

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. Come sign up and get the MP's to debate the Death penalty

    Linky bit

    We all know we can't bring it back but what he hell.
  2. You are right they won't but they'll waste time debating it. Now about getting out of the EU....
  3. Now that is a cause worth fighting for
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Why are there so many different petitions calling for the restoration of the death penalty? It does suggest that the supporters of the death penalty are not necessarily the sharpest blades in the knife rack.
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  5. I notice that the politicians are saying it is an example of the ePetition system being hijacked by the Right Wing Extremists!

    I seem to recalll a politician on a radio phone-in said that everyone should phone in a bill for him to champion through Parliament and whichever one was most popular, he would do it... A promise.

    The OVERWHELMING subject was return of the death penalty. His exact words were, "The people have spoken... The bastards!"

    He then immediately went back on his word and decided to champion the second most popular which was some forgettable nonsense.

    Have all the ePetitions you want, the politiciansd will just do what they always do, which is, exactly as they fucking please!
  6. Why not have one for wanking whilst using a space hopper is watch BBC parliament for that debate
  7. Why not have one for being used as a space hopper by several nubile schoolgirls?

    I prefer my idea.
  8. It's certain that these will be ignored, but enough petitions may give the troughing pigs an idea of what concerns the great unwashed.
  9. What a total waste of time

    So petitions for capital punishment are pointless and only a brain dead marmoset would bother putting their name to it.
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    ...and democracy was wiped out n a tide of eurofascism and apathy.
  11. Yeah, but your on a loser there matey, cos too many MPs are in the pocket of euro interest groups, ergo we stay in, which is fucking tuff titty for us at the bottom of the ladder, so, close up the blank file and soldier on owd son
  12. Demonstrations by the masses are the only thing the politicians will listen to. Look at the Anti-war marches prior to the Iraq war. Oh, wait a minute.....

    Part of me says it is a complete waste of time, but another part says it is the only way of getting our voices heard, even if they do get ignored. If there was a miniscule chance of it resulting in a complete waste of humanity like Bellfield or Huntley being dispatched early, then I would have no hesitation.
    Maybe it is a cunning ploy by our political masters to identify anyone (through our ISP) in the country with any right leaning thoughts and then to round us all up and deport us to make room for more immigrants? :)
  13. Wow as tinfoil hat conspiracies go that is well up there, mind you there could be some truth in it...
  14. Were so fucked in our perspectives that a convicted child murderer can claim compo for getting a slap round the face! He should be taken into a yard and executed with a fucking cattle gun. Crims. flock to this country because it's soft, yardies even have nice little poem for it!
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  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The biggest demonstration in the UK was the Countryside Alliance one - and we know how much notice was taken of that....

    Any UK government CAN, if it has the will, return the death penalty. all the talk about ECHR, EUN membership, etc., is a smokescren. All those treaties can be overruled by Parliament at any time.

    That MPs do not want to, because it is difficult and, more to the point, goes against their consciences, is more the point. We do not live in a directly representative democracy, and never have done. We elect MPs, and they then do what the fuck they want for the next five years - and what they want to do, or more like do not want to do, is restore the death penalty.