Roll up, roll up! - its a Pageant - book now!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrTracey, May 16, 2008.

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  1. I can't wait to see the Pageant - I'm so excited.

  2. Are you out of your mind? - I'm not going.

  1. Apparently, you have to register for a ticket through your Unit Adjutants (that is assuming you are in a Unit that has an Adjutant). Only former TA personnel can register on line...

    Nice poster though (not).

    I'm glad they explained where the Mall is - I had always wondered.
  2. I'm torn on this.

    Half of me wants to go, the other half shudders at the thought of it. All I can think of is Puttees and Battledress and I'm not sure that's how I want to celebrate TA100.

    Will it have an eye to the future?

    Does anyone know?
  3. Will it have the same coverage as yesterdays event?
  4. After visiting that website, I've just bought a TA100 hoodie. I'm now going to go off and have a word with myself.

    I'm so ashamed.
  5. I'm really surprised you didn't go for the wooden pen! - class.
  6. Nowhere near as much!!!

    Its another excuse for a few G&Ts and back slapping. Don't worry though, the various playlets are all being done by actors.

    No irony there then.
  7. Sounds just like the War and Peace Show 80
  8. Oh nooooooooo playlets done by actors. Are these actors the re-enactment wierdo socially dysfunctional walts who like dressing up in uniform.

    I remember a never-repeated battlefield tour where we had some german uniform wierdo walts doing stuff who then wandered round the bars in Oosterbeek in ss uniform. Nearly got lynched. If these actors are those people I am boycotting the whole thing.
  9. There's also a lunch now (allegedly) - in the park?
  10. There as part of the colour party duties but reading about it now. I might be washing my hair that day
  11. I've been given a ticket to watch. I haven't got much hair to wash!!
  12. Don't remember any previous mention of said event but our quota of tickets is all gone, apparently.... :x
  13. It was the offer of a free lunch that did it.
  14. Just had a thought, arn't a large amount of these TA100 activities during the time period of a lot of Annual Camps?

    Well planned there!
  15. Could this be a chance of an ARRSE/TA social piss up/crawl in london?????