roll up roll up! games night!!

right, heres the deal.

i want to organise a games night, limited supplies, got a pool table, a table tennis table and a darts board with 3 darts. some other stuff around like poker chips. maybe a deck of cards too

now i want this to be fun, it needs to hold the attention of the average joe squaddie and trouble is there is to be hardly any drink involved!!! (shit the bed i hear you cry.)

now over the years i have played some awesome games in naffis and sqn bars, but for the life of me i cant remember them.

nails was always a winner (tree trunk/ hammer/ nails) but i cant remember the rules (i know it sounds dumb but its not a wah) is it left hand only?

once again i must bow down to recieve your awesome weath of knowledge arrsers

so come on then!

Nails - make the rules up for the target audience. Left hand only will take forever (unless everyone is a cack handed biffa). You can start the strike from the shoulder or start it on the nail so you have to raise the hammer before striking. Just explain the rules at the beginning.

edited for being a cack handed biffa
'Tanks' or (whatever you call it), played on a pool table.

Everyone lines up on either side of the table leaving the 'short' ends open.
Take 1 white ball and one red ball.
Snap pool cues and throw them out the window, you won't need them and they would be dangerous for this game anyway.

Aim of the game
Pot the red ball with the white ball.

- Each player takes it in turn to try to pot the ball.
- 1st player (you choose who) takes the white ball in hand and from one end of the table rolls (or throws depending on how drunk you are) the white ball at the red ball which is positioned on the black spot.
- 2nd player must grab the white ball, move to either end of the table and hit the red ball before it stops moving.
- If he doesn't hit the red before it stops he is out/looses a point.
- If he pots the red the next person is out/looses a point.
- If the red or white leaves the table, he is out/looses a point.
- Players who are waiting their turn are to stand facing the table and both hands should remain in contact with the table at all times.
- The white ball can be collected from anywhere on the table (ie the sides). This is where the game gets nasty as, under 'full contact rules' the other players will hang on to the edge of the table and try to prevent the next player from getting hold of the white ball.

I think that is about it. you can make it as violent as you want and amend the rules as you see fit but the above should give you the general idea.
Ref Tanks - I believe you get 3 shots with the white. Although the rule still stands about the red ball stopping. The hardest bit always seems to be the first shot from the start position :(
Blow Football.
Get a tray of water & make a paper 'boat'.Give the 2 contestants a straw each & they kneel at each end of the tray.The object is to blow the boat to the opponents end.The loser wear's the water.(Ref raises his hand like in a chopping motion & just as he say's "GO!" slap's it down on the end of the tray,upending it all over the new guy who is'nt in on it.)

Or we done the Sprocket down the Falklands. It's the toothed rubber inner of a CVRT wheel & the object is to pass it from head to toe.
aye tanks might be a goodone, trouble is the pool table is like a mini golf course challenging at the best of times water hazards, ravines, oil, mud etc :)

just been suggested: round the table - table tennis. can have plenty of players!
a game called cricket on the dart board, rules escape me. was very very drunk

"killer" on the pool table

have done waitering on at the sgts mess, they always claim to have good games. never stayed long enough to find out

saw a good little set up on a display day, an airfix tornado was rigged up on a zip line and had an electromagnetic system on its undercarriage, when you pressed the button it dropped a dart and landed on paper targets with pictures of tanks. was really impressed but no doubt this does nothing to help your cause.
How about, 'Guess who's behind the glory hole'

Construct a glory hole cabinet and hide someone's missus in there. Everyone in the mess gets a bash at the holes and then let them guess who's in there. Make sure the glory hole birds husband is last.

Have a big reveal and the fighting begins :D
easy-wan-kenobi said:
aye tanks might be a goodone, trouble is the pool table is like a mini golf course challenging at the best of times water hazards, ravines, oil, mud etc :)

just been suggested: round the table - table tennis. can have plenty of players!
Don't worry about how wrecked the pool table is, it will be trashed by the end of a real 'full contact' game. I remember a Canadian telling me that they had to allocate special tanks tables in their enlisted clubs to stop the troops trashing the proper pool table!!
right got "nails" squared away.

involved some very sneaky stealing of a log from the smoking area dressed as a ninja.

think im gonna run with tanks, but ideally need 4 really good games, 2 down 2 to go

iv got loads of other ideas but quite frankly they are shite. and with such a wealth of knowledge at the touch of a few keys id be silly not to ask the people of arrse.

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