Roll Pin Belts

I have been using a roll pin belt on my webbing for a few years now. The reason I changed from a normal 'Big Black Clip' was that it kept loosening or comming undone at the most inoppertune time. However, I have been getting more and more pis5ed off with the roll pin as it is a pain in the arrse to get it done up in a hurry or under my Body armour. Has anyone else had the same experiences with both belts and/or found solutions to the problems? (and yes i have an assault vest for when im in and out of vehicles so dontsay buy an Assault vest). I have a set of webbing because its far better for tabbing with etc

I await your comments!

Web strap with Velcro fastening does it for me. Seem to recall you can get them from BlackHawk.
Don't know if its any help, but years ago I modified mine to take a cargo buckle (the silver coloured steel ones, dead easy to do up and pretty useful if you like pies and don't want to keep adjusting your webbing to fit an expanding waistline! :D


I had a web belt with a fixed plastic type roll pin style belt at the side of a QR buckle, it worked but the web was flimsy so I rivetted it to my 58 belt!

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