Roll pin belts? Are they worth it?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cymru_am_Byth, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. Are the roll pin belts worth it practically, or they just worn to look ally?
  2. Extremely practical and also ally as feck.
  3. Not to mention supplementing soldiers wages via E bay, maybe if they payed us more....... :wink:
  4. Used on for years on my 58 belt kit but haven't felt the need with the PLCE belt it has the same adjustment anyway to slacken or tighten the belt.
    I would say its down to cost and personal preference


    P.S RememberYou cannot exchange a roll pin belt if you knacker it on ops :)
  5. I'd reckomend a roll pin belt to anyone. Get one of the custom tailored rigs from Jay Jays in Brecon, he sells his with roll pins as standard and a whole range of other bits and bobs, doesnt give you a yoke though so you'll have to use your issued one or check ebay for "PLCE Yoke as used by the SAS/PARA/COMMANDO".

    PM me for his number, last time i knew his prices were £137.50 (inc special courier delivery).
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    JUSSUS !

    For those of us not drawing Hollywood wages, a call to Troopers in Colly will also get you a full milspec custom made belt order, complete with built-in Hippo Pad & Roll-Pin belt at considerably less cost.
    They also make several yokes with extra pouches & some have dump pockets too.

    Bell them on 01206 511 268 - they'll ship anywhere around the globe at reasonable rates.

    If Troopers' belts or buckles are knackered on Ops, I'd reckon searching for the latest locstat of most of your body parts would take up more of your attention than sorting a kit exchange.
  7. was given a roll pin belt, so don't know what they cost to buy, but its worth it in the days of 58 belts......has a lot of good features on a PLCE belt, ie no huge plastic buckle to cause problems when you are spending most of your working day crawling, but as pointed out, if it breaks you are going to get a PLCE buckle to replace it with, not another roll pin
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Just out of interest, how do you break a roll-pin buckle ?
  9. Okays, i have seen them broken by being caught in the closing or opening rear door of a 4 tonner, my mate was seriously unhappy when he got his web gear and found the roll buckle shagged
    I am sure there are a million ways a squadie can break a roll pin belt
  10. " his prices were £137.50 "

    And I remember when I had a shelf load of them and a ninja with an industrial sewing machine.
    john Never to old to learn.
  11. Since i have purchased a rollpin belt it has turned my life around. The dark days before i had one of these belts i was a lost soul who had no will to live. My rollpin belt has helped me get back on my feet again and life is now full of joy and wonder!
  12. I could bang out pullups from my webbing, tripple stitched with a roll pin belt.

    Could never go back to wearing an issued rig now.
  13. H3

    H3 LE

  14. if u want a free one ask some loadies as they use em for air drops, got a couple in iraq, have not used one myslf but have heard they are a bit twitchy and can come undone if u just flick the front, any one else heard of this before i give em a try
  15. Agreed! I bought one from there a year ago and it's top kit. Break? You must be kidding. Even if you are worried about it breaking and not being able to get a replacement belt out of the nice Q-man, do you also worry about wearing non-issue boots?

    For all-day comfort you can't beat it: You can get your belt kit comfortably snug even when you have to adjust it for wearing an uber-stacked long-back bergen or an eskimo's supply of warm kit.