Roll Pin Belts, a blatant advertisement

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Kit_Monster, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If you could make that about 50 inches long then I could use it for lots of stuff!
  2. Hello Mr Kitmonster,
    Would I be able to use a 58 pattern poncho roll with this belt? Also, I am rather large, what size does it go up to?

    Thanks in advance.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Wow 349 pouches, I remember butchering large pack side pockets to make those in the 80's. Surely Clansmen is gone by now?
  4. We have just taken delivery of yoke adaptors for those belts, primarily to fit the PLCE yoke but with D rings fitted to the bottom edge, so yes you can use a poncho roll with it. But why would you? DPM PLCE type poncho roll available from us too, made by the same people. Maximum waist size on the belt is 44" maybe 46". As a guide the whole strap from buckle to live end is 54.5"

    Ugly Re 349 pouches, some poor grunts are still using them, while there's a demand we'll keep stocking them.

    Thanks for the interest. KM
  5. They are boss belts.

    I prefer the old 37 Pattern Buckles than the big plastic thingie, Though its old, It doesnt rust, Takes a beating and easier to undo.

    I have a rare PLCE type belt in ours, It is more of a nylon '58 Pattern' Belt with a plastic buckle and two alloy hook pins like on webbing pouches
    hanging off 'Seat Belt' type of material at the back like on webbing pouches.

    Does anyone know about it?.
  6. I have heard of nylon '58 webbing, but never seen it. Try posting a photo or two.
  7. That's the belt from the trials webbing that became PLCE (sometimes known as 85 pattern). The 72 pattern didn't have a seperate waist belt just a short length sewn on to the ammo pouches, very similar to the belt found on the old arctic bergen.

  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    We trialled the early plce in BAOR on an nco cadre in late 82. We had no L85 so for runs the cadre were issued very knackered AR15s/M16s and the vertically arranged ammo pouches were filled with weights. On ex everyone reverted to normal 58.
    Later in 85 we were issued a companies worth of the next version of the PLCE with almost traditional pouches. Both issues were od. This was for 4 months at Kellys garden in The Falklands. They issued a companies worth but luckily we had support from a Milan and Mortar section so there wasnt enough to go around. This lot came with bergans. The belt order was pap, no capacity for full mags as the kid stretched and went everywhere but where it was supposed to. I stuck to 58 pattern as 84 man with an smg the webbing was pointless!
    We were lucky, B coy in Stanley were issued Gore tex seals and 1 platoon of them was ordered to wear over their socks, one instead of their socks and one platoon ordered inside their socks. 1st FTX and the without socks platoon was casevacked on day 3.
    Oh how they must have laughed.
    Best of all as the old sweat I didnt draw my 84 apart from occaissional range days and waltzed around posing for 4 months.