Roll on 5 MI Bn (V) (and goodbye London)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Ed_Straker, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. The formation of 5 MI Bn (V) will soon be upon us and I for one can't wait.

    Finally to get away from the thrall of London.

    Bn weekends in Crowborough and any other dreadful trg area south of London will not be missed, neither will the monumentally incompetent NRPS/G4 staff who thrive in a culture of non-compliance and fag ash.

    So I wondered if anyone soon to become part of 5 MI had any comedy anecdotes about 3 MI Bn HQ and of the staff - pre or post heart attack.

    Also will the high calibre workforce of Coulby Newham provide with us with an efficient permanent staff workforce who can manage revolutionary things like answering the phone on a Friday afternoon, replying to e-mails – ever etc. etc
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Saucer of milk for one!
  3. Trust me I am not alone.

    In the words of Alan Partridge, "Of that there's no doubt!"
  4. Naturally, because being new and shiny 5 MI will buck the trend of so many TA Bns and Regts.......
  5. Will 3 still stay in london?
  6. On a tragi-comic note, I recall giving up one of my few nights at home during a busy GRAPPLE / LODESTAR period when most of the MI section were away, to talk to our "friendly local " TA coy.

    I was assured a vast turnout because lasagne and garlic bread was on offer. By the end of my 40 minute presentation, at least 18 had turned up. We stopped to eat at 9pm, and there they were ... gone.

    any volunteers for LION SWORD / IRON TEMPER????
  7. It is nearly twelve years since I moved on from Handel Street but I can still remember Mr Happy in the front office as if it were yesterday.... :roll:
  8. I remember the weapon handling instructor at 25 Coy having a November Delta at Catterick in the late 90s.

    Oh, how I laughed!
  9. Has 5 MI actually got a proper building to work out of and a UIN to order kit & equipment on or are they squatting on someone elses camp and blagging things on someone elses UIN?

    Unless I'm getting confused with the way 4 MI Bn was initially set up..... :roll:
  10. This new comedy turn is a bit dry
  11. ssssshhhhhh, the grown ups are talking.
  12. You want comedy?

    How about any dealings, at all, ever, with the G4 NRPS Morlocks that inhabit the dark recesses of Worship Street.
  13. As a matter of interest where is 5 MI Bn likely to be set up?

    I have had a look on the Army and Intelligence Corps web sites but could find no information.
  14. Unfortunately the author of this thread let it slip, using your intellect and powers of deduction see if you can spot it.

    No luck? Try the RMP for a career.