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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by magicgrotter, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. Need to dispose of my issue foam roll matt and aquire a neater more compact one instead. Any ideas or recommendations would be welcomed?
  2. Go on tour and get one of the new ones. :D

    NSN: 8465-99-310-9203 THERMAL INFLATABLE

    EDIT: To add NSN
  3. The fold up dutch(?) one is quite neat. Costs about 6 pound from a decent surplus store.
  4. Just used a 3/4 length Highlander self inflating roll mat on the ground when it went down to -1c a couple of weekends ago, and I was warm all night and slept well. Good bit of kit.
  5. The Thermarests are good if expensive, self-inflating mats. They do tend to be a bit bilky though. Thermarest also do something called a Z rest and that used to fold up very well. They were called Ridgerests but there is also a folding version. I'm sure that they used to make two thicknesses as well because I used one of the heavy duty ones when I did a bit of mountaineering LINKY
    Thermarest also have these now. Never seen them before - looks like the bloke in picture is about to blow a goose :lol: CLICKY
  6. I left a semi inflatable one (black) in the sun in Sierra leone it went bang and turned into a big black zepplin. uber inflated

    Are the next gen ones better
  7. I never had any trouble in Morocco or Mauritania but then I never left my mat outside the tent unless i was slumped on top of it.
  8. I use a "little airic" inflateable from these chaps

    Good headtorches also
  10. No you are just a fcking homo, accept it
  11. If you're really looking to travel light, I've had a survival mat for years. Its 3/4 length but only 2 or 3mm thick foam with a metallised reflective side. It folds up to almost nothing.
    I can't remember where I got mine, and unfortunately, the only place I can find them on tinternet is a caravanners site.

    Its not very much better than nothing, but it does make lightweight 3 season bivvys bearable.
  12. I wish I was. Would you like to be the one that turns me then?
  13. back on topic

    The Airic mats from Alpkit have a good reputation. I haven't used one myself so I don't know how durable they are. ALPKIT LINKY

    Incidentally, its alleged that both Thermarests and the VauDe mats are made in the same factory.
  14. Beware when "cutting down for size" a standard issue mat. I mangaged to trim mine right down, almost exact body width and length ways from top of shoulders to just below my arrse. Imagine how I chuffed I was about being able to fit my roll mat inside my bergen.
    It never occurred to me that my calves would still be in contact with the (very) cold Dartmoor ground. One of the coldest and longest nights under the stars ever....