Roll mats

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 5.56mm, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. i think they are useless i would sooner sleep on the ground.
  2. I think you're wrong, but wouldn't get in the way of you being uncomfortable.

    I think that it's time you stopped salivating over your kit and went to bed.
  3. Good,

    Get cold and die!
  4. You wouldn't be saying that if you got into a fight with a load of Royal Marines...
  5. They are warmer than sleeping on the ground and reduce back pain from laying on uneven ground and stones.

    Do without and suffer.
  6. Is that an observation or an instruction?
  7. Both :twisted:
  8. I've heard that the New Orleans National Guard have the same opinion and have insisted on Li-los.
  9. I'm with you 5.56, rollmats are for poofs, as are sleeping bags, waterproofs and rations. Just gimme bullets, water and cold steel, and lemme at em! :roll:
  10. No rifle?

    You and 5.56 really are in the elite!
  11. Rifles are for poofs, any reluctance to close with the enemy and engage them in hand to hand combat is indicitive of latent homosexuality.
    Ok 5.56, got your shuriken, nunchucks and cheesewire? good, I'm right behind you. :lol:
  12. rifles are for poofs real men use gpmgs .And the only reason you want to get close to the enemy is so you can do pervy things with their
    corpses :lol: . roll mats good thermarest better .bed best of all :D
  13. Its an old saying, but one that i feel still rings very true...

    "any cnut can be uncomfortable"
  14. I'm with 5.56 too!!!!!

    Actually I'm in the cue waiting for my turn with his old girl actually
  15. 5.56 = knows nothing numpty????