Roll call - Veteran Mentors needed!

Cheshire Probation is looking to recruit veterans who would like to support veteran offenders. After a two day induction you could provide valuable support to ex-service personnel during their Probation experience. This unusual volunteer opportunity is open to veterans from all over the Cheshire and Wirral areas. For more information on how you could make a real difference call Rose Paul on 01244 394538 or e mail me on I look forward to hearing from you! Rose Paul


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Wow. Cool, Rose Paul. Where do I sign? And will you pay my bus fare from the north east to Cheshire? PM me, do.


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So, life is a gamble and one plays the cards as they land. But Rose Paul?

Anything you want to share with the group here, Rose. Or Paul?
Unless this is a scam (my cynicism comes free, there’s no need to thank me) then this is worth a bump. Is there more info on this, such as a website, and is it just local or will it be rolled out? What does the mentoring involve?

A word of advice though, don’t let XXXXX or XXX XXXXXXX and especially XXX [obscured on legal advice] in on this. Full discloser means something entirely different to them.


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Nothing on the Cheshire Probation website. Two posts, both one-post wonders on Brit Mil websites. It seems Rosie may have had one sugar too many in his hot chocolate. But I may ring him. Not least for this gem...

This unusual volunteer opportunity
One may call for volunteers and get a few takers. But an 'unsual volunteer opportunity'? That'll get most of my mates finding something fascinating to peer at on the ceiling.
Email looks odd to me. Format is very close, but not quite correct for a GSI address - at least as far as how it worked about 4 years ago when I had one. Won't go into details as to what is wrong but.. yaknow. It is.
Seems they dropped the x then?

The scheme exists but the e mail address above and the phone number draw a blank on a google search so I would be very cautious. If you are interested it would probably to contact someone listed on the newsletter.

Such as the guy at the bottom of the article.
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