Roll Call - 30 Sqn - 2 Sqn - 64 Sqn - 65 Sqn, 73 Engr Regt

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Paddy_Cr, Oct 29, 2006.

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  1. I would like to contact anyone that i met during my time in the corps with the following units. Or, in fact, anyone else, that i may have bumped into along the way.

    30 Sqn - May 85 - Dec 89

    2 Sqn - Dec 89 - Jun 91

    64 Sqn - Jun 91 - Feb 94

    73 Engr Regt - Feb 94 - Dec 96

    25 Engr Regt - Dec 96 - Jun 97


    Ex Sgt Paddy Craig RE, 23 Bend the knee, VD and scab !!! (Long Retired)
  2. hello matey - that the same Paddy Craig of MT troop? Who once escorted Ant Graham to the bank to withdraw about 35,000DM for a new car?

    Al "Tiny" Lewis, Dirty 30 Feb 85 - Sep 90, RHQ TP Sep - Feb 91.
    Longest serving soldier in Iserlohn?
  3. hi there paddy,

    i remember you well, glad to hear you're alive and kicking. i was in 64 with you, i was there from 92 to 95 - trg wing, recce tp, g1098, sqn bar and ord cpl (i got bored easily).

    AA Coll 82 - 84
    23 Engr Regt 85 - 88
    RSME 88 - 89
    MWF 89 - 90
    HQNI 90
    RSME 91
    28 Engr Regt 91 - 96

    5LI/1WM Regt 96 - 01
    R Mon RE 01 - ?

    steve o'c
  4. Steve / Tiny

    Good to hear from you both. I remember you both very well indeed. Hope you are keeping well ???

    Tiny ..... You are obviously ou t in Civvy Street, enjoying life i hope?

    Steve.... You must be close to hanging up the green kit for retirement or you are a glutton for punishment.

    My e-mail address is

    It would be good to hear from you.

  5. I was, mate. Landed on my feet and only went up :)

    Remember that prat OC we had in 88/89, who took over from Pinhead P*n*l? He turned up at Ripon in 95 as Reggie 2i/c. Told me I would never amount to anything as a civvie... wish I could have met him a couple of times after that... think I was responsible for somewhat more than he ever was.

    You were at RSME??? I was there from 91 until 94, in CIS over in HQ RSME main building.