Rolex Oyster perpetual "Submariner", Military issue For sale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by wet_blobby, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. Looking for a realistic asking price, the watch is pussers stamped, serial numbered and has solid pins. As issued to bubbleheads and the like.

    Any offers gents?

    The serial number on the watch is 0552/923-7697

    Unfortunately not having two watches to compare serial numbers against... :) is my watch the same one as in this link

    Scroll down to the issue chit at the bottom of the page.

  2. What sort of price are you lloking for? i have some cash?
  3. £3 good for you? ;)
  4. I can afford a reasonable rolex price upto a few K how much do you want and i'll let you know?
  5. Cant afford a few K like diverboy but would be interested as I still do sport diving. What are you hoping for?

  6. I've just spoken to Rolex at bexley, the manager there showed me where to find the serial number, which I did and he confirmed a Rolex submariner of that serial number was issued to Chatham dockyard in 1975.......he also gave me a guideline figure of what people are paying for them........ :omg:
  7. Which is?
  8. Give me an idea what you want and i will let you know.
  9. I am interested. But how the hell are you going to sell it if you won't say what you want for it?
  10. 23 Feb 1968: Issued by Far East Station (Singapore) to AB Lougher.

    1975: Issued by Rolex(?) to Chatham Dockyard.

    Something seems a little odd, though perhaps dodgy Rolexes go back to the manufacturer for repair, rather than let the naval equivalent of REME ruin them even further?

    So, just how much are you asking for this obsolete watch that's broken down at least once? ;) Not that I'm making a bargaining point, of course.

    edited to add:

    ....and one which it's not recommended that you use in the bath or shower.
  11. :roll: think you ll find he was using that as an example for a bit of interest :)
  12. serial number different on the one he s selling to the reciept in said example puttees pay attention :D
  13. I see what you mean now. 923-7697 on Blobby's watch is clearly different to 923-7697 on the Navy 1033. :roll:

    Still looks like the same number to me. Unless this is the model number and not the serial number.

    Aha! A bit of Googling, tells me that 0552/923-7697 is the pre-NSN NSN number. It falls into place now.
  14. Who the hell cares this number or that how much does he want for the damn watch!!

    The suspense is killing me :)