Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mirrors, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Never seen (dispite searching) info on how the roles are decided at Fireteam/Section level.

    By that i mean who decides who is issued with the SA80A2, the Minimi or the LSW? According the the Army website each 4 man fireteam has a Minimi, so does an infantryman get to choose if he wants to use it or does it get assigned by somebody else?

    The Minimi is a weapon that interests me and should i pass selection i wouldnt mind putting myself forward for training to use one if its possible to do so.

    I thought the LSW was the fireteam support weapon but it seems the Minimi has replaced it in that role because of its belt feed system so is the LSW used much? If so how many are issued per section?

  2. During your CIC (Phase 1 & 2 training) you will be trained on Rifle, LSW, and LMG (Minimi).

    Although this questions is pretty sh!t. Why does the LMG interest you? Because it's heavier than a rifle? Because it takes longer to clean?
  3. Well, since i've never even picked one up i obviously dont know the downsides to its usage, that will come with time and experience.

    Why does it interest me? Im not entirely sure, "it just does" isnt really a sufficient answer but maybe it has something to do with being the person in the supporting role.

    Being heavier doesnt bother me too much at the moment although when im knackered from having to tab/run with it im sure i would be wishing it were lighter, looking at the weights of the SA80A2 and the Minimi its almost twice as heavy but it cant that bad it has a negative effect on your performance as a soldier surely or it wouldnt be in use? I guess it comes down to personal ability to manage the extra weight.

    Being harder to clean is obviously an incoveinence but unless its really terrible i dont see it being too offputting.

    Time will tell i guess, thanks for the answer.
  4. Just concentrate on the things thats going to help you get that far first, running - and lots of it. Also learn the history of the Regiment you intend to join, make sure you are joining the right regiment that suits you also.

    Things like that are more important/useful at the moment.

    Good luck, and may you find your Minimi.

  5. awww minmis are well cute....have u heard of the General??? :evil: :evil: :evil: :twisted:
  6. Ah..........the general.................. :D :twisted:
  7. Mans kit, 'nuff said.
  8. The general ??? sounds nice :D explain ??
  9. Not hi-jacking your post or anything but pointless to make a new thread when it's kind of in the same category. Read around a few places and have finally realised, you dont choose to be a sniper your chosen. I know everybody thinks everybody wants to be a sniper blady bla, but just a genuine question out of curiosity. When your going through ITC is it just how good your aim is that determines wether you will be chosen or not, or is it alot of things. Thanks.
  10. Thats the sort of thing that happens once at a bn, not at CIC. Although being a STAB, we have 'sharpshooters' rather than snipers I believe...

    Regarding the original question, Sect Comd (or Patrol Comd) is the man who'll break everything down depending on how he wants to play it.

    And yeh, gimpy is immense! Even if carrying its ammo and cleaning it isn't :p
  11. GPMG (The General) will have you in tears. Takes a section to clean and theres no way to carry it that doesn't piss off one muscle in particular.
  12. It used to be thus:

    4th crow = No 2 Charlie G
    3rd crow = No 1 Charlie G
    2nd crow = No 2 GPMG
    1st crow = No 1 GPMG

    So on and so forth. So therefore if it is heavy and cumbersome and you are a crow there is a good possibility you will carry it (for the record I always thought this was a shit way of allocating weapons amongst the section so I would make my senior guys carry 'em).
  13. Lets put it this way, in my day it was the nig who got the gun and at 6kg per 200rds it gets heavy very quickly. As for cleaning , it depends on how many rds have gone through it.
  14. Carried the GPMG for a year, brilliant bit of kit. Speed marches, CFT, bit awkward at times but hoofing on the range.
  15. For what my tuppence may be worth, it used to be the case that LSW was regarded as a specialist weapon, and was therefore dumped on the more experienced blokes... crow was left to concentrate on being a good 'rifleman' first