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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by allyleventhal, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. im joining 39th signal regiment, which is it/comms but they told me they do REME aswell, if i joined as an engineer would all roles be open to me? or would they be limited?
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    REME - most likely a variety - Vehicle Mechanic, Recovery Mechanic, possibly Armourer/Gun Fitter, and Technical Storeman.

    If you have any vehicle engineering experience, then go for that; otherwise, by far the most fun is Recovery Mechanic!
  3. Most sub units, i.e. company/Sqn size, have a small fitter (LAD) REME section, who do most of the repairs to vehicles & eqpt.
    Engineers on the other hand have vrious roles/trades, from brickies to Airfield repair, it's best to find out what role the local sappers have & if it would suit your expectations.

    REME are whole different kettle of fish to Engineers.
  4. Only 39 can give you the definitive. Phone them.

    BTW they have chefs, clerks and storemen too, among others.
  5. i take it your a recovery mechanic? could you tell me a bit what thats like as i have no experience and was thinking of vehicle mechanic, but i know the 39ths have recovery mechanics vacancies :thumright:
  6. Oh, do only armourer, storekeeper, recovery mechanic and vehicle mechanic/engineer fall under the REME category? Cos ive been looking through the TA guide book and aircraft tech seemed quite appealing?
  7. That's correct, Reccy mechs are a VERY strange breed, very clever in a Dr Strangelove kinda way.
  8. Ours does a fantastic cheese and pickle. :smile:

    Or have I misread the title? :confused:
  9. Maybe also medics?
  10. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    REME have a large number of trades, but only a few may be available at your local unit. If you are planning to join a REME detachment which is part of a Signals unit, odds are that they won't have a vacancy for an Aircraft Tech. Indeed they probably won't have that many vacancies for Armourer. Generally speaking, units don't train soldiers in trades that they won't be used in at the unit, however it may be possible to dual trade (i.e. get a secondary trade) once you've already been trade trained in whatever your primary role is.

    When you make your enquiries, ask specifically which REME (and other capbadge) trades are on offer at that unit. I'm being particular here because I knew of one Recruiting NCO who would lure potential recruits with lines like, "Yes, you can be a helicopter mechanic in the TA!" which wasn't a lie, but he neglected to say that there weren't any vacancies for such trades at the Signal Squadron he was recruiting for!