Roles in the army

I recently completed an assessment centre. I got 148kg on the mid thigh pull, 3.9m on the throw and 2km in 8:05. According to the interviewer all job roles were available to me after the ACT test but I only marked 27 correctly in the TST test so this narrowed my job roles quite significantly, including the ones I was most interested in. Also my GCSE grades were very poor and I only came away with a C in English and History, D in Maths and PE, Double E in Science and a GNVQ in IT. Those were over a decade ago as I'm now 30.

So considering, my age, my AC results and my GCSEs. Which role would you recommend I join?

The 3 main things I'd like out of the army are quicker rank profession, considering my age. A role which enables me to travel around the world most. A role which will give me a chance at gaining as many qualifications and/or licenses as possible.

Also, if I join, say, the signals as a comms engineer. Can I then later join a regiment within the signals that I don't have the required GCSE grades in, for example, a cyber engineer?

Any feedback is much appreciated.

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