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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Scriptwolf, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. Hey, I'm currently studying IT in college and planning on going to university and wanting to join after I have finished, I will be studying networks and network security in university I'm just wondering if there are any roles where I would still be doing that sort of thing ? I have had a look at electronic warfare operator but not entirely sure what they do, any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance
  2. Communication Systems Engineers

    Role Finder - British Army Website

    they are MCSE / CCNA type guys by the time they reach Class 1 with a good bit of operational experience behind them.

    they do loads of civvie courses and end up very well qualified if they put the personal effort in and take the exams for the technologies they work on.

    CS Engineers play a crucial role now in any Battlespace.
  3. As much as this is true, beware it means you have to spend over a year in Blandford and I can safely say that it's turbowank.
  4. how come it so bad ? :p, and what would i be doing up there ?, and what about other roles? like Electronic warfare op, and i swear i saw counter int somewhere :p. just wanting to know a bit more on what i would do in each role :p. and just as side note, when i did join the Reg's is any training i have done with the TA all thrown out the window or put into consideration ?
  5. I'm sure if you popped into your local ACIO they'd be more than happy to tell you exactly what jobs does what, specific to your criteria. It might be worth just popping in to find out.
  6. yeah i defiantly plan on doing that, just i live no where near so having to spend a bit of public transport :p but thanks :)
  7. you will start from scratch mate, i know a Rifleman who did a full 6 months on HERRICK with the TA but had to start from day 1 week 1 in catterick.

    don't let that put you off - your service with the TA will certainly benefit you as an individual when the time comes and it will be a credit to you.

    if you decide to go EW then you are very limited on postings, whereas CS Engs are all over the world - literally.

    good luck mate.