Roles and Responsibilities

As this is only going to get more intense over the coming days, shall we keep a running review of who is doing what, so nothing gets missed?


- Compiling detailed list of objections (by address and reason) and ensuring a rebuttal for each.
- To call Mrs. Barstow (once PTP has confirmation from 'Helper' of details) and get inside info.

- Double-check detailed list of objections and rebuttals, then provide to spunky and A_A.

- Call Cllr Hunt to discuss 'local politics'.

- Email Sally Nancarrow with press-pack.

1) All team info has been sent to those involved

2) Ashtead RBL joining us on Friday and Saturday to help hand out leaflets

3) Printing all on schedule and delivery will be with me tomorrow by 3pm

Anyone that neds a helping hand, ask me now while I am still free :)
What I can't do:

Anything in person - up north of Edinburgh, in a council meeting on 1 Aug.

Direct planning advocacy - albeit a qualified planner, not a chartered planner until Nov 07 (2 years). SSAFA have a planning consultant anyway.

In-depth development control knowledge - not my field, I work in retail planning, strategic planning and housing. However, I have a general knowledge of the system. Note that the Scottish and English systems are different.

What I can do:

Planning support - desk top research. I've acted as planning poacher and gamekeeper, representing an objector at planning committee (as an employee of a planning consultancy) and preparing reports (on retail) for a local authority. In the latter instance, on one occasion the facts didn't quite stack up and we were preparing a report recommending rejection but with enough latitude to allow the planning committee to make a contrary decision without looking completely crazy - hence the degree of hope I have regarding the SSAFA application.
I'm effectively PC-less during the day due to a highly effective local authority firewall that stops Hotmail and ARRSE. I can be texted/phoned on 07913 792083.