Role Predicament.


Good afternoon Lads and ladettes. I have landed myself in quite a jar of pickle. Ever since I began my application to join as a Sapper I have had full intention to Join 24 cdo (doesn't everyone as a young sprog?!) I decided upon 24 after deciding that being frontline for me = good and blowing things up = good.

HOWEVER, I keep having these thoughts of "if you are going to go 24 you might aswell go the full 9 yrds" and Joining as a bootie. I am very much interested in the pure soldiering side of the RM but the draw of blowing the arrse off everything required of me just keeps pulling me in.

My current situation in the recruitment process is that I passed selection with 137.5 points (A grade) and I have been awaiting allocation since August 2010. Because of this if I was to consider applying for the RM how far into the application could I go before having to tell either side that I am itnerested in the other.

The obvious point people will make is "you have just been waiting a long time and are starting to doubt it" or "do what you want, we dont give a F*CK" but some guidance would be appreciated.

Is it worth me contacting the local Navy careers office for a chat with one of those blokes or will their side be similar to the Army recruitment staffs with the usual "come to us, we are better" spiel?

A final note: Could anyone direct me to a serving member in 24cdo that is on the forum that I can pick the brains of?


Can't comment on either role, but exercise caution: my information may be hopelessly out of date and I stand to be corrected, but I recall chatting with someone who went for RM and completed training but binned it when he was forced to go chef (he wanted a rifle company).

As I say, this may have changed years ago but I'm vaguely aware of the RM accepting you, putting you through basic, and then you take the trade you're offered without much negotiation, was the impression I got.

I'd contact the RM recruiters and ask straight out, and have a pinch of salt on standby for the 'come to us, we're the best' spiel ;-)


thanks for the word of warning! I will go into the AFCO in town friday coming.
i believe this is still the case or at least was 4 years ago when we had a booty clerk attached to us in Iraq
I originally had my sights set on being a bootie, but after looking into enough and finding out more, the whole chef thing made me re-think. Put it this way, if you join a specific trade in the Army, you do that trade and then push for AACC. If you join RM, you take whatever given and wait for your preferable specialization. At least with the army you can do AACC, I know that is one of the many things I want accomplish.

Also, not entirely sure but don't you need to wait a year or so before applying to a whole different military.
Ill put my two cents in, you can have an application for both going at the same time but at some stage you'll have to let one down and say ta ta for now.
Think I read a post from you months ago, turned from fatty to beefcake? Anyway, congratz if it was you and best of luck with it all.
Yes there are shortage Specialist Qualifications in the Corps, and they reserve the right to draft you to them. However, they also appreciate not everyone wants to do that SQ, and there are some fairly hefty incentives in place to fill those shortages. And don't forget, everyone in the RM will do exactly the same Infantry training, i.e New Entry, Junior Command Course and Senior Command Course, and that a Section Cpl is generally not SQ-tied, so you could be a Chef leading 8 blokes into battle in Helmandshire....

Edit - speak to Ninja_Stoker on RumRation - he's a serving RN Careers Advisor, but IIRC if you pass PRMC tomorrow, you can start Commando Training within a matter of weeks.


Thanks for the nod towards a man in the know. For the record my run time has substantially dropped since selection but is nowhere near bootie standard (10:24 at selection and as of today 9:04 after a 2.25 mile warm up) but its a help. Is there no-one around that has passed the AACC and currently serving in 24cd on the forum?

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