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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by The_Marsh_Arabist, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. I am currently engaged with a leading UK commercial company that provides professional actors to the private and public sector for `role playing` in such activities as:

    broaching sensitive or difficult issues
    conflict resolution
    coping with change
    customer care
    interviewing skills
    management & staff development
    negotiation skills
    recruitment & assessment centres

    It is our intention to offer UK & European Law Enforcement (and other agencies) a database of security cleared role players who have experience of HUMINT, Surveillance, Interrogation/Interviewing skills and other parallel tradecraft skills that can be utilised as OPFOR in practical and real life training exercises allowing clients to focus on student development and course curriculum.

    The proposal is in the mid stages of development however a number of S&LEA agencies have already expressed significant interest.

    Unfortunately, these opportunities will not be available to serving personnel unless, subject to further clarifcation, they are in their last 6 months.

    If your clerance has lapsed there will be a requirement to obtain a level of clearance at some juncture.

    If you are interested and wish to be kept informed of progress and further information please contact me via e-mail on mail@

    Please place the words `Role Player` in the Subject header of any mail.
  2. "NEXT !"
  3. Some serving members might be interested to know how much or how little work is available on the outside. If you bothered to read TMA's other posts you might also have noticed he hints where current LSNs in the Corps could be ripe for civilianisation.

    Considering his competitive edge, I think this is quite sporting of him.

    If you can not see that far into the future, I can only guess you are a stray from the Royal Corps, eternally content with sweeping the vehicle park and doing conservancy parade.

    A wise old owl once told me that resettlement begins the day you join the army.
    How's your networking going M8?
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Let's start again shall we children? The nice man has posted hinting that there may be some post-military employment opportunities for the mighty warriors of the Green Beret.

    Carry on...
  5. "The nice man has posted hinting that there may be some post-military employment opportunities for the mighty warriors of the Green Beret"

    So.....he's looking for former Booties then?
  6. .....only if they can act, dear boy, only if they can act.
  7. I once played "number three rifleman" in Section Attack at the Vic'*, a part I think I made my own lovie.

    *Victory College that is...
  8. I played Pontious Pilate in a primary school rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar - does that count?
  9. I am quite a good actor and I am Spartacus!
  10. Actually - he more than probably is :(
  11. .......... give constructive criticism based on factual, operational and vocational experience for the required scenario :oops:

    Then again given that I know of his exacting standards you will have to undergo some Stanislavski pre training requirement !
  12. Lying Bugger ! You always liked musical theatre ! 8)
  13. Apologies mate - but Cuddles has all options on the West End. His GAYDAR has always been ....................................

    However, will be seeing said originator this weekend and ensure that there is a part written specially for you - just apply even you would not turn 200 notes a day ?
  14. McSpartacus more like :wink:

    By the way can you do a Brummie accent yet and how is your map reading ? :twisted:
  15. I will do a brummie accent and map read at the same time for 200 notes.

    Do you think TMA needs any child actors?