Role of the SSI - Good, Bad and ugly

Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. I'm just asking about the role of the SSI. What is it by definition?
  2. Do you mean Staff Sergeant Instructor or School Staff Instructor?
  3. Whatever the headmaster wants it to be, he or she is after all an employee of the school not the army or the cadet force.
  4. do you mean Staff sgt???
  5. In the CCF its basically the fellow who looks after the unit full time; he provides the role of Quartermaster, camp organiser and general boss-man.

    At least that's what he did when I was CCF.

    edit to add: our was a retired RA RSM and all round top bloke.
  6. The role of the SSI changes from school to school. The role is specified by the head and contingent commander. Bit like an SPSI/QPSI/PASO all rolled into one for a mini unit.
  7. I addititon to a sort of PSI/QM role for the cadets, I've known them do the following (across several schools and individuals):

    Be reponsible for the school's transport (minibus) fleet (including making sure all the drivers are qual'd a big job in itself),

    Coach driver,

    Supervision of schoolchildren during break,

    Running non-cadet expeds, D of E, etc

    Running games,

    Pool Lifeguard,

    It can be quite a varied job as, as I said above, they are a school employee not a military or cadet one.
  8. If you're talking ACF, it's often 2ic of larger detachment, or DC when non commissioned. When on weekends or camps, they can be CQMS, senior instructor, section commander and occasionally stand in for the CSM.
  9. So any tails of these types of SSI?
  10. mine didn't have a tail.
  12. Im talking about CCF SSI