Role of a Medical Support Officer?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by PM-88, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. I have researched about this job posisition (which I only just found out about)...and was wondering if there is anyone here who knows (or could tell me) what life would be like as a Medical Support Officer. What would the job be etc...and am right in saying you don't have to have a medical background?

    Thank you,

  2. The career is not so short in the first 2 COs were MSOs and one is now a Brigadier! You may not have to be a doctor but to quote a certain royal ' you'll have to drag your sorry ass through Sandhurst' to get the job!

    Good luck!
  3. Yeah, Crab and the bloke at the top of the pic is a doris !!
  4. Are you ill?
  5. THe job of an MSO, involves 1) talking about meical equiptment like Rpa's (OPA's) and such. 2) loosing your rifle on excersise and then beasting the pte that picks it up for you (because they stole it!) 3) use terms like "little baby rocket" and "some angry insurgent guys" on an int brief on telic. 4) forget to mention about a hard knock Op in basra needing med cover... then send a poor pte on a 7 hour night op on the Shat waterway without giving her time to bring any warm kit. 5) Patronise SSgts who have been in the army for up to 20 yrs loger than your self...because your a 2nd Lt!
    Hope this helps ha ha ha. I'm being mean...however a certain troopie in my old sqn was guilty of all of these!
  6. you'll maybe need to learn how to spell / type, but thats about all really.

  7. Even Spelling is no longer a requirement Gado, they just need to learn how to use spell check properly!!

    Being an MSO can be as thankless/ rewarding a job as you (and your bosses at the time) want to make it.

    Good promotion prospects even if you screw up or are a complete Nob... But not as good as doctors.

    Job can be everything that any other cap badged troop commander leaving Sandhurst does, and you have the benefit of being surrounded by (the occasional) pretty nurse :roll: