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Discussion in 'Officers' started by ooh2g, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys. Fairly new to the site, absolutely love it.

    Anyway, what I'm looking to find out is this: what is the role of a 2lt in the infantry?

    Any information would be much appreciated.
    Apologies if this has been covered already, if this is the case can you please direct me to the relevant thread?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Coffee NATO stirred to the left please!!!
  3. Unofficial View:

    It is the role and responsibility of such a rank to get in the way, ask stupid questions, get lost and generally be a burden to his Platoon Snco

    Whilst being a commisioned officer it is still recognised that at this rank the young officer is seriously "Wet behind the ears" and needs to be guided in all aspects of his service and command by those who know better (By all ranks from Sergeant to RSM).

    In general it is also the job of the young officer to wear outlandish and outmoded clothing when off duty and to also attempt to wear items not issued when in uniform and bring attention to this until "Put right" by the RSM

    In conclusion it will be your first command position and you are there to learn and take heed of how things are REALLY run outside of Sandhurst and how the Army "Ticks" until you have enough B*llockings and mistakes under your belt to get promoted knowing that you may well make mistakes again, but from that day on you will be responisible for them.

    Official View:

    Platoon commander responsible for 20-30 soldiers
  4. If you ever wonder how valuable you are to the Army as a 2Lt, compare how much you get paid to the pay of one of your Section commanders.

    And rest assured that as soon as you've really got the hang of commanding an infantry platoon, and your boys are trained to a peak of efficiency and teamwork, some b@stard at BnHQ will notice and promote you so that you can flounder about for another couple of years.
  5. To add some experience to temper his (cause you specified infantry) education. Preferably without making too many serious mistakes.
  6. -To listen twice as much as he talks (to everyone).
    -To watch and listen to his Pl 2IC before trying or doing anything with the Pl.
    -To recognise that OTC and RMAS aren't the Army; and experience gained whilst in said organisations is to be kept to himself - if you're a ninja in the field then just get on with it.

    For a start (and don't dress like you're from the 1930s or were dressed by your mum FFS...).
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    That's enough jaded cliches folks!

    An infantry 2Lt commands a platoon of 30-ish soldiers and is hopefully ably assisted by a sergeant that understands that a newly commissioned officer will need a certain amount of guidance. It is worth remembering that most platoon sgts won't have that much experience in the role either, so platoon commanders and platoon sergeants need to work together to get the job done properly. There are some 2Lts who take to the job very quickly and need minimal help from their sergeant; and there are some sergeants who are jack, useless choppers who would be better off flipping burgers in MacDonalds, but by and large, it's a system that works well because both sides understand the deal.
  8. I have highlighted in bold your duties.......

    CO (Lt Col)
    Runs faster than a speeding bullet
    Can walk on water
    Is as strong as ten trains
    Can leap tall buildings
    Talks to God

    Coy Comd (Major)
    Can run as fast as a speeding bullet
    Can swim well in calm water
    Is as strong as one train
    Can jump tall buildings in favourable winds
    Is sometimes invited to talk to God

    Adjutant (Capt)
    Can Fire a speeding bullet from a gun
    Can swim well with arm bands
    Is as strong as a bus
    Can find the entrance to tall buildings
    Can talk to God only if request forms are filled out in triplicate

    Pl Comd (2Lt/Lt)
    Is never given a loaded weapon
    Drowns when placed near water
    Say's "look Choo Choo"
    Can tell what a tall building looks like 9 times out of 10
    Has never heard of God

    Catches speeding bullets in his teeth and chews them
    Freezes water with a single glance
    Blows over 20 trains with one puff
    Kicks aside tall buildings that get in his way
  9. aside from the well meaning comments herein;


    without gps and how to get from a to b with the least fuss in the fastest way possible. I've seen several young 2/Lts scuppered at that most basic of military skills and the stigma sticks to you like glue......for a long time, and pees off everyone :)
  10. Cleaning my arrse :)
  11. To QUIETLY prove the above people wrong.
  12. To give passed over ncos something to whine about?
  13. Gain respect from your platoon, NOT assume it !!
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    To be dicked for the QMs drinks bill at the mess do!
  15. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    To all of the SNCOs and JNCOs out there reading and posting to this thread:

    As a former officer, being lucky enough to make it to sub-unit command, remember this. It is your responsibility to assist, guide, educate and shape young officers into the beings that you want to respect and follow. As a member of the Coy/Sqn/Bty that you are in, one day (very soon with the Graduates) they could end up being the Second-in-Command. If they fail as a young officer, they will fail in this role.

    It will be partly their fault for not seeking assistance, but it will largely be yours. So get a grip - invest the time in educating these people so they don't end up fcuking you (and the rest of the WOs' & Sgts' Mess and the Cpls' Mess) later.

    I was very lucky to have 2 Sgts and 3 Cpls who spent time helping to teach me my job. One came up to me when I was a second in command when I was getting all cocky and reminded me why I knew my job but hadn't learnt everything - back in my place but realisation dawned.

    To the budding 2Lt:

    Be confidently humble. Listen, learn and invite your Sgts and Cpls to educate you - extend the trust but try not to be naive and laugh the few stitch ups along the way. If you see or hear a SNCO or JNCO grumble about a brother (or sister) officer that is not cutting the mustard, ask yourself whether they lack education - if so, challenge them to find out what they are doing to fix the problem.

    This is a team sport guys. Now, more than in the last 40 years, is more being asked of the young men and women entrusted to lead (I include NCOs in that statement). We need each other.

    ......and breathe......

    edit: because of mongday morning spellung mistooks.