ROK War Plan

"The United States will deploy some 690,000 military personnel to help defend South Korea in case of an outbreak of war, South Korea’s Defense Ministry said in a 'white paper' report released Feb. 4."

Yeah, right!
they'll be too busy bombing mecca, damascus and tehran
Let a couple of well fed dogs loose and the ROK war plan will degenrate into a free for all for a half decent meal.

tomahawk6 said:

The only way we would have 690,000 troops going to Korea is if we had a total mobilization. Rather I suspect the ROK's would be supplying the ground forces while the US provided air and naval forces to compliment ROK forces.
Sure, deploy the entire Navy and Air Force.
As long as St Tony doesn't feel the need to send my ARRSE out there to get used as a bayonet dummt then I am happy to see the Yanks talking tough.

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