We all know they work. But what are your views on roids? Personally I don't see why they are ilegal. They are a supplement like any other as opposed to a mind altering and highly addictive drug such as crack or smack. When I was on them I never had any of the nasty experiences that some people claim are side effects of roids. My penis didn't shrink and I never got spots all over my back like some people claim they do.

I'm not advising people to start taking roids for the obvious reason that they are ilegal. But if they weren't ilegal would you take them?
I saw this and thought you was on about piles..I did wonder why you would consider taking haemeroids, but each to his own
Well Ive dated a couple of steroid freaks, and had a couple of good mates that were hard on roids at one point.

One of the x's was very aggressive and i think that was linked to roids. And the daily body bulking powder thing he did was really weird.

The other one started taking roids and became agressive.

the mates who used to be hard on it used to be really aggressive too, but have since chilled out.

not sure about the small dick, didnt stay with them long enough to notice a difference. But they both were aggressive.
Some Potential Side Effects:
Small Dick
Boils on arse where needle goes
Extra Hair (lots of extra hair in places that should't be that hairy)
Pain on excretion (hurts to piss and shit)
Excess FAT if you don't have your diet and training down to a T WITHOUT juice.

For the gains:
Pro - look like a freak of nature, suffer organ damage, but get free t-shirts from maximuscle
Amateur - get to flex in nightclubs to pull the bird you spotted

Not to mention - get big on juice, get small off it. OK so if you go on juice you could end up lifting double weights within about 3 days on some stuff, get massive and look feckin' good... but to be honest I kinda like my kidneys and liver working, and most people can get to a decent size without it.
Anyway who wants to shave their shoulders everyday so they don't look like a werewolf?
I think it depends on the gear though. I was on good gear, not dodgy stuff. It's like if you give someone a load of Stella they will become aggressive on it ... but that doesn't mean all alcohol makes you aggressive. If it was made legal then there wouldn't be any of this black market dodgy crap .... only the best and most healthy roids on the market.
I don't see the point of roids. If you are a strenth athlete you cant take them for fear of disqualification and if you are not a strength athlete you don't need them. You can put on as much muscle as a human should have fairly easily by eating tons of protein. Even creatine isnt nessescary although it does help.

Just my opnion but I have never felt the need to try them. I know people who do and they are not any bigger than many of the natural guys, they just get there quicker, but as we all know forcing the body to change itself really fast is never good.


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