Roid Rage.

To be honest right now i'v been taken over by chemical substaces. But its probably the funniest night i'v had in ages. I love women.

Is there any piss tests coming up soon?
What have you taken? post the name of your reg/corps and someone will be able to find out if there is a cdt on the way
Fucking cyanide hopefully.

Still posting crap then I see..Robert_Da_Zero. Oxygen thief and all round cunt.
I cant even remember making this topic, basically somebody spiked my drink with a pill, and after that I was like a ganit. I'v never hugged so many people in my life. I feel ashamed of myself now though.
........................... Next!
Due to cuts in funding, the CDT team will not be visiting soon. However, some regiments are running tests in-house. Contact the RSM for details.
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