ROI enlistments in the British army more then doubled.

The number of soldiers from the Republic travelling north to enlist in the British army has more than doubled, according to latest figures.

Army Recruitment said more than 10% of all enlistments through its Northern Ireland offices last year came from south of the border.

The figure was about just 3% two years ago.

Lt Col Dick Rafferty, head of NI Army Recruitment, said for many years the numbers were in decline.

"However, from 2003 onwards we have seen real growth with those joining more than doubling in the last year alone," he said.

"There can be many reasons for this, one of which is that there is a change of attitude in the Republic towards a career in the British army.

"Economic conditions also play a part but I suspect there is a strong word-of-mouth endorsement from serving soldiers telling about their experiences when they go home."

The officer said that given the current "strong and vibrant" political relations between north and south "there is less of a stigma in telling your friends and family that you've joined".

"Perhaps we are seeing old prejudices and preconceptions being put to one side or erased," he said.
from 2003 you say? Hmmm....what happenned about then?

maybe it's because there's some goddam real fightin to do!! :cheese:

That doesn't involved goin up against your cousin Padraig - 'cause that'll only upset your Mam.
I'm always a bit skeptical when media / spokespeople quote percentages instead of numbers. What is a 50% increase in real terms, did 6 join the year before and now 9 have joined, or did 300 join and now 450.

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