unsure if this is the right forum or been mentioned before but

i just had dealings with ROHAN the outdoor clothing folk as i was buying some gear from their web site, initially they were charging me postage to germany and VAT, after an email i recieved some superb service, they sorted out BFPO delivery and took the VAT off.

they also mentioned that they were also looking into offering some sort of discount to all Forces personnel.

i believe in giving credit where its due and as far as iam concerned they excelled themselves.

At the moment if any BFPO customers do wish to order from them just use the BFPO in the country drop down screen and everything gats taken off.
I couldn’t agree more. I have been a customer since Rohan had their first store outside Penrith. They have always been superb in doing a good deal in looking after our interests wherever in the world. VAT free, good discounts. My only criticism is that they haven’t done bags in outrageous colours for ten years or so.
Credit where credit is due.

Now if only all companies could be like this. Having just ordered the wife's dress for the Xmas do from twice and both times the order has been rejected due to them not delivering to BFPO. That is despite it saying on their website that they deliver to BFPO.

When I queried their mickey mouse organisation with their customer services they hung up on me.

You have been warned....

Cotswold-Outdoors have just told me that they ship to BFPO and likewise will discount VAT to BFPO addresses so good on them.

Likewise if you google the promo codes you should find a discount voucher so approx saving, including VAT, of about 35% for anyone who is interested.


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