Rogue tattooist


Be a tight cunt and go to a backstreet scratcher and that's what you get.

Considering the rest of her I thought that the tattoo was quite in keeping.
300 quid to cover it up? If she'd paid £300 to a licenced tattooist, she might have got a decent job done. £50, what the fuck did she expect?
Takes all sorts...

Today I saw a lad with both ears pierced (the little flappy bit on the inside of the ear, rather than the normal lobe or up the top of the ear) and his spine... not sure how that works, but he had a bar through hs skin in line with his shoulders.

Another lad, seemed to have a pierced cheek... complete with diamond stud. I assume the same sort of appendage as a nose ring rather than an ear ring with a bit on the back!
£50 for a tattoo from someone with no licence? She got what she deserved.


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anybody do to Rusty Skuse in Aldershot for some self harming ?

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