Rogue SAS unit accused of executing civilians in Afghanistan

Hmm, not sure what bloggers breastfeeding on camera has to do with the thread title? ( Anyway, Arrse tradition requires me to ask for pictures here or it didn't happen. Someone else will be along in a minute to ask how big the baps were.)


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Even a quick Tineye will show that many of those phots have been around for yonks, from Iraq / Afghan era.

I suspect this will all go away quietly when the kneejerk Sy investigation realises, after much orifice level harrumphing, that a) they are mostly or all phots scraped from various pre-existing websites, and b) there is no chance of them actually tracking down the poster(s) anyway, as US companies don't exist to enforce UK government NDAs, and even 11-month-olds can post anonymously on Facebook these days.

I know, I see people's babies taking over their parents Facebook accounts every day.
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