Rogue SAS unit accused of executing civilians in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Jul 2, 2017.

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  1. Rogue SAS unit accused of executing civilians in Afghanistan
    July 2 2017, The Sunday Times

    The full report may be unavailable to those without a Times subscription, but the leading paragraphs are:

    There may be similarities to the SEAL cases of around the same time. I do hope that this is not more of the same.
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  2. By god more shit coming on the heels of Iraq & NI "when will we ever learn" to paraphrase an protest song
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  3. Why the hell would an RMP investigation be run from a 'secure underground bunker'?
    In Cornwall of all places!
    Sounds like waffle to me.
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  4. It is very obvious isn't it, its so the lads can't get them and kill them.
    Either that or the fact it makes the article more dramatic.
    Furthermore, fact or not, if any military police are involved, it is my opinion that they couldn't track an elephant wearing snowshoes through the snow.
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  5. Either that or the MoD needed someone to keep an eye on the pumps to keep the place from flooding and had to give them a cover story.
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  6. Just seen the front page... the magic words are there "subject to an ongoing civil claim"

    Ding ding ding!
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  7. I highly doubt lads wasted randoms. The press are dire these days.
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  8. I have the feeling that this is a very serious issue. It's not going to go away; sorry about that.

    Hells teeth, is that what a PC costs now?
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  9. NSP

    NSP LE

    I thought Shiner had been put firmly back in his box...?!
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  10. Were any of these "Civilians" armed ?
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  11. Sounds legit....SAS, secure bunker in Cornwall, shooting unarmed civilians.

    Yeah, slow news day?
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  12. The secure bunker in Cornwall is RAF St Mawgan, and quite a lot of it is "secure bunkers" given the nature of its past work.

    I'm pretty sure that IHAT was run from there too.
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  13. I may be naively cynical but I smell the shit-stirring hand of a Murdoch here. A story appears that digs at the establishment just as the Murdoch empire doesn't get it's own way.

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  14. Sounds very like human rights lawyers making allegations in order to get investigations done at public expense, so that they can then jump in with suits for damages.
    Were UKSF teams tasked to kill individuals in the Taliban leadership? Public sources say yes. Did they do so, yes, accepting considerable risks and taking significant casualties. In all probability saved the lives of many ordinary Afghans in doing so.
    Human rights lawyers probably see the leaders of terrorist organizations in a war zone as civilians. They probably think the lads should have arrested them, cautioned them and handed them over for trial. Sure that would have worked well.
    "Rogue SAS unit"? Sure the Director UKSF would have had something to say about that, it's not as if SF had loads of people swilling around with nothing to do.
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  15. Although the drawback is that this is not the first set of allegations regarding "tier 1" SF units in Afghanistan doing inappropriate things.