Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household. Episode 1 of 15 tonight at 20:00, Radio 4 Extra

Radio 4 Extra is re-running 'Rogue Male' starting tonight.
It's a brilliant novel (anti-Fascist aristocrat tries to kill a Hitler-like figure, is caught, escapes and goes on the run, being chased across the Continent and England), and the Michael Jayston reading is probably my favourite radio broadcast.
I don't know much about Household but the author (and reading) conveys the atmosphere of a hunt very strongly.
Thoroughly recommended.


fabulous book - I loved it

you can watch the Peter O'Toole film version on u tube

I must get hold of some of his other books
I've just re-checked the schedule and it was on at 20:00. Earlier the schedule did say 21:00 but apologies.
Episode 1 can be listened to on the Radio iplayer app.

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