Rogue Bull Gores Runner To Death In Spain

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Archangel, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Where were elf and safety - should have been banned .
  2. I agree, excellent drills by the Bull.

    Bull fighting/running is some wierd fcuking source of entertainment if you ask me.
  3. He took his chance and lost. fair one.
  4. It's bullshit.

    I'll get me coat then! :(
  5. It's bullshit.

    I'll get me coat then! :(
  6. Lazy twat - should have focussed on his fitness more.
  7. Thank you! I knew I was taking my life in my hands by posting this in the NAAFI Bar ... glad that someone agrees! :wink:
  8. He should have been wearing Crocs, eh Tatty?
  9. Is the bull ok?
  10. That is an outstanding point - good grip, blood runs out of the holes, style and you could kick the fucking thing in the bollox if it got too close.
  11. Plus all the Jack and Danny would be moist by the time you had finished the course!
  12. You're still plugging the old 'A man wearing Crocs is guarenteed a steady supply of minge' arguement are you Tatty? I'm now convinced that you have shares in the company... I never did report back on my Croc recon mission did I? :oops:
  13. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    Funny Darwinism should favour the bull
  14. I'm sure the poor bull is in shock and needs counselling and reassurance that it wasn't his fault.. it was an accident brought on by the pressure of the situation and exigent circumstances...

    still, the police, no doubt, have been forced to arrest him on a charge of manslaughter and confiscate the alleged weapons for further testing and whether they were licenced...

    shame, really...he had such promise as a professional fighter..that he'll never make it to the ring...