Rogue ATs

Discussion in 'RLC' started by standby_firing, Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. Before I moved to AT I heard stories and rumours about AT's going 'rogue' and working for naughty people. I think these stories were pretty much Province based. Anyway, was just wondering if such a phenomenon exists or is it sheer fiction. I hasten to add I have no intention of going rogue! I'm just a nosey chappy.
  2. There was a rumour going around 321 in the early 70's - nobody could put a name to "him" though, but we used to idle the hours away in the bar speculating what he might "cook-up". :twisted:
  3. Not one of us has been caught yet!
  4. I've seen your work - definitely rogue. :wink:
  5. That's pretty much the type of rumours I have heard. Also one about somebody working for a Columbian Drug Cartel and being lifted as soon as they returned to UK. Well there you go, just a theory or a kind of scarey though. As for Dingerr, I maintain low standards and continually fail to reach them! :D
  6. What about the 'find' in the wood?

  7. Now't to do with AT's. I seem to recall that a professor or some such went to nick for that one. The only reason an ex AT was put in the frame was more to do with a personal vendetta against the white powder warrior, by a certain short balding major who's since left, than any real evidence.
  8. True. The nutter with the RC pipe bombs was a JP of all things. Didn't stop the devices being referred to as MLIEDs round my neck of the woods though.
  9. Absolutely, the retired AT and DJ nearly had chaps in tights falling in through his bedroom window!! All based on random hearsay and a well entrenched grudge (feeling not detector).
  10. Why let the truth get in the way of a good rumour. I remember speaking to the late CM who told me he got a real grilling from the fuzz/chain of command as they were still mates.

    Speaking of rumoured rouge ATs, there was an irish bloke from Belfast (Paddy L******e) on the course before mine, his mum dropped him off at the front gates to Girdwood Park on his first tour as a number 2. He apprently told people he was off to teach the Prods bombmaking after he was kicked out (or signed off, can't remember which..) :)
  11. I was in basic training with Paddy L. He stated the same all the way through training. Top bloke though pretty sure he signed off.
  12. He 's logged on here. He's gainfully employed witha lass and child - who'd have thought that.

    A far more interesting rumour was that he actully used the Wulfen Football Club Dick of the Match award on his then current lady friend in the ...erm ...unconventional hole! This resulted in it changing colour a shade each week (he won it regularly). All the funnier when the goalie, Fatty 'the cat' P*****, won it and performed a simulated fellatio on it and then dipped it in his beer!

    I think the young lady's name began with Z and she lovely..........eyes!
  13. He did a bloody bad job then.
  14. Perhaps Paddy is a double agent perhaps Rowley? Its all the rage in PIRA at the mo :wink:
  15. Paddy L is out and last seen in that area - although having known him for many years could hand on heart say that the majority of own goals would be his if he had decided on that line of work.

    Nice guy - slept with some ugly women though (anyone remember Kerry at lazy K)?