Rogers John Jones

Discussion in 'Officers' started by crumpets, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. the tailors that where pretty eminnent now seem not to exist?
    they used to be on 16 clifford street, saville row, but now there is no trace....
    anybody recognise the name?
  2. Used to be very popular with Royal - made my blues when I was in the RMR - but that was many, many moons ago - haven't heard of them for years.
  3. They made my Mess Kit and Service Dress and did me a beautifully well made British Warm. A long, long time ago I'm afraid.
  4. Williammacmanners et al...

    Apparently struck off the register in 2005. Looks like you need to find another tailor old fella...
  5. How sad. They were IMHO one of the best of a bunch of robber barons.

    Edited for awful spelling
  6. Anyone any experience of I need to get new mess dress as I'm (ahem) a little larger than I was when first got it. Oops.
  7. DMTW,, eh? Not sure. Any RLC officers in? :winkrazz: