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As @Kirkz has noted in the Dead Pool thread Roger Scruton has died. I thought he deserved his own entry, because apart from a lifetime getting up the noses of the political and social elite with his support for smoking, fox hunting and grammar schools, he also had a disdain for Marxism and the Pet Shop Boys, the latter of which cost him a few quid.

More importantly and unusually for a philosopher he was also prepared to put his neck on the line. In the 1980s he began visiting dissidents in Communist Czechoslovakia, smuggling in books, offering courses in suppressed subjects and supporting banned artists in the name of intellectual freedom. He was eventually detained by the secret police and expelled in 1985.

After the fall of Communism, Vaclav Havel, the dissident-turned-president, awarded Sir Roger the Medal of Merit.

Last year Hungary's prime minister, Viktor Orban, presented him with the Order of Merit, describing him as an "ardent and active ally" of anti-communism in central and eastern Europe.

Orban said Scruton was "forward-looking enough to see the threat of illegal migration and defend Hungary against its unjust critics".

There’s a rather sniffy obit from the BBC here.

Anyone interested in finding out how a small island off the coast of Europe conquered much of the world could do worse than start with his tome England: An Elegy.
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RIP. Sir Roger's works (well YouTube videos of his talks) have been an unexpected source of guidance and comfort to me during the last year. The lefties spared no effort in smearing him with all sorts of labels, but to call him homophobic was ignoring the fact that back in the eighties he wrote that same sex sexual acts were not sinful in themselves, nor can he balled called anti Muslim as he quoted the Qur'an in his talks.
Good to know that some apology was forthcoming after he was wrongly villified by The Guardian and other MPs who should have known better.

Vindicated, I'm happy to see.
Have 'England: An Elegy' on my wish list which I hope to read and recommend to the kids.
I don't know what triggered Sir Roger's cancer, it may have been smoking or something else but the stress he was forced to endure unnecessarily would not have helped his recovery. I only learned of him in the past couple of years. Thankfully he managed to contribute more in his remaining time than various journalists and MPs have or will in a lifetime.


Link to article: R.I.P Sir Roger Scruton - Guido Fawkes

Here is the link to Sir Roger's Christmas Spectator article. The heading has been posthumously updated.

Sir Roger Scruton: 1944-2020 | Coffee House
As a committed Lefty, I'll miss him.

Actually, i often agreed with him on matters pertaining to personal freedom, but generally his writing was exactly what's needed to keep proper discussion and thought alive.

Just going off to Google about the Pet Shop Boys reference..

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