Roger Moore on Paul OGrady Show....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dragosani, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. ....was my lass watching - not me ;)

    Anyhow, Roger's just recited the poem about Pte Tommy Atkins on T.V. and given the lads a good heads-up - he's shocked at how we're treated....

    Good lad Roger....

  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    These guys have all served

    Upon turning 18, shortly after the end of the war, Moore was called up for National Service. He was commissioned as an officer and eventually became a Captain. In his usual self-deprecatory style, he claimed that his commission was because he physically fitted the stereotype of an officer, rather than having any outstanding ability or leadership skills. Moore served in the Royal Army Service Corps, commanding a small depot in West Germany
  3. He has always been on the right side. I read something a few years ago about a stunt with a character who was to be brought into a Bond film he was playing in.

    The scene involved the 'character' giving him his briefcase when he got off a plane. Apparently, the proposed character was Ronnie Biggs. From what I can remember Roger Moore got very angry about it and the scene was scrapped.
  4. Cheers for that. I am now watching on +1. Would have missed it otherwise. Have to watch "fools and horses" DVD later.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Remember seiing something with Sir Michael Caine on TV
    It was one of these awards shows(Daily Mirror/Star ?) and they were awarding the family of two RE's who had been killed IIRC
    He started with I'm not here as Michael Caine tonight
    I'm here as Maurice Micklewight Private British Army Infantryman
    He also talked about his service on Parkinson a while back

    IIRC it was reported he dosen't like the smell of Chinese food as it reminds him of when his unit was cut off by the Chinese in Korea
  6. Saw Sir Roger on telly today, I've heard the poem many times but done as it was with the selection if still photos and his obvious feeling for the matter, caused an invisible dust storm in my living room, thats why my eyes were watering, honest.
  7. It was well received and backed up by Paul O'grady as well. Very good to see.
  8. I watched it just for Sugarbabes but it was good the pictures made it better.
  9. Girls Aloud?
    It was Bananarama
    And her whats married to Ken from Bros is really heavily tanned these days

    Edited to add MRDARTH nicked the keyboard and wrote the above :wink:
  10. I dont like there music and i have just realised it was the sugarbabes not Girls aloud :oops:
  11. Yeah, I caught that, Mrs RCP was watching it.
    The lead up to the poem was really good.
    O'Grady said to Roger, "I have never seen you angry - Do you ever get angry Roger"

    Roger replied " Reading these papers today I do, 1. The way children are treated. 2. The way people take no notice and finally - The way our troops are being treated - a damn disgrace!"

    He then passed a comment about the Generals saying the guys have the equipment knowing very well that they don't.

    Well done Sir Roger - good on u!
  12. Roger is a brave one! I saw him in a documentary called "The Wild Geese". ****** got shot but still flew the lads home! Well done Roger!
  13. I watched it as well.... Sir Roger didn't go off in a rant.....but you could tell he was p'd off with the treatment the troops get.

    I know how you feel about the backdrop of black & white and colour images to the tones of Sir Roger reading out Tommy Atkins, rebel_with_a_cause....... I was making the tea at the time, never realised that peeling spuds could make your eyes water so much.........
  14. He said the guys have the equipment (in inverted commas) but they are still expected to do the job...... I don't think that any further comments were allowed on that particular show. Pity.
  15. Missed it. Don't suppose anyone happened to Sky+ it and could shove it on you tube?