Roger Day, THE Walt, cashing in on his 15 mins of fame !

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hellmans, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Uber Walt Roger Day is flogging his medals via his wife.

    Found elsewhere on Tinternet.

    Day's medals for sale

    Quote from Ebay

    These are the actual Medals worn by Roger Day at the Bedworth Remembrance Day Parade on 11th November 2009 - as seen in most of the National Newspapers and TV etc.

    These are all replacement quality medals purchased by me over a period of about 2 years. They cost me over £600 in total, the DSO alone was £150 as it is a "dual face" (i.e it has a proper back instead of just the front enamelling etc - see photo of reverse of all medals). These have cost me a great deal more than just money though, hence I am keen to get rid of them.

    The list of medals was widely reported in the Press, but usually incorrectly. Here is the list of what they actually are:

    Top Row, from Left: Bottom Row, from left:

    DSO with Queen's Award South Atlantic, with Rosette

    Military Cross with Oak Leaf Gulf War, with Rosette

    Croix de Valeur Militaire (French) Accumulated Service Medal

    Military Medal for Bravery Kuwait Campaign (Saudi Arabia issue)

    Queen's Gallantry Medal Kuwait Campaign (Kuwait issue)

    Distinguished Conduct in the Field Kuwait Campaign (UAE issue)

    Meritorious Service Kuwait Campaign (USA issue)

    Active Service (Dhofar & Kuwait bars) Long Service Good Conduct

    NATO Medal - for Gulf War

    The medals are mounted on 2 brooch style medals bars, which are ideal for hanging in a display case.

    They will be packaged securely and sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery to ensure both speedy delivery and insurance/traceability through the Royal Mail system. Bids from overseas are welcome, but I will have to check the international postage cost to your country and advise you of any additional costs - therefore please email me before bidding.

    Certainly a very famous (or infamous) set of medals to add to your collection! Happy Bidding.

    Kind regards

    Maxine Day

  2. Blimey...does that mean that he REALLY wasn't entitled to them then? 8)
  3. I am sooooo tempted ;)
  4. Awesome, you couldn't make this shit up.

    Love the Ebay description:

    I think that was his down fall; Crap at Mathematics. :D

    So if HRH The Baron Shortt falls on hard times, have no fear, it seems there's a market for Walty Memorabilia
  5. How come shes only listed 10 medals when he was actually caught wearing:

    1 Distinguished Service Order, for leadership
    2 Military Cross, for gallantry
    3 Queen’s Gallentry Medal
    4 Military Medal
    5 Distinguished Conduct Medal
    6 Meritorious Service Medal
    7 General Service Medal
    8 South Atlantic Medal, for service in Falklands war
    9 Gulf Medal, awarded for service in 1991 Gulf war
    10 Accumulated Campaign Service Medal, for at least 1,080 days on deployment
    11 Saudi Arabian Medal for the Liberation of Kuwait
    12 Kuwait Liberation Medal
    13 LS&GC Medal
    14 Nato Medal
  6. Yes me too they have quite a history to them now, Oh the Irony! :p
  7. And of course, once he's got the money from FleaBay, he's going to give it all to a military charity as a way of saying sorry for being a complete walty cnut?

  8. You can fcuk right off!

    That DSO's mine.
  9. Must have a brass neck as well as a brass chest eh ? Tw@t.
  10. Says 17 on the Ebay ad...and listes 17...did you miss the second row ? ;)
  11. Sorry 2/51, I cant access ebay, I was going off what was said in the first post. News reports say that he had his gongs confiscated, theyve obviously let him have them back for him to try and flog!
  12. Sod the medals, they're tainted! :)
    I hear his missus is a "younger model". Any piccies available?
  13. I seem to remember in reading that she had brought him those medals "to replace the ones he had lost" so it would seem she may only be trying to get some of her money back, a donation to a military charity would be a good gesture though.
  14. I think you'll find that she's tainted as well.
  15. For some reason the thread removes the spaces between the medal names. There are two on most lines.

    If he got let off on a technicality then he would get them back