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  1. I served f0r 6.5+ 1 year in Junior Para years in The Parachute Regiment, over 4 of them spent in Ulster got fed up with it, we didn't have a 'real war' in those days. I left in '75 soon after that the Falklands happened in '82 and I missed it.
    Now medical retired with Strokes, MS and recently cancer it's been a bit frustrating having an active mind that can't make the body do what I want to do.
    IMHO Ulster campaign was a waste of time and retaining it as a province is a waste of money. It should be given back to Eire on condition that it is made into a National Park. anyone who wants to relocate to mainland UK should be assisted but must swear fealty to our Monarch The Queen.. Any activity against the UK could be tried as Treason for which the penalty is still The Noose,I believe? As you can see I am opinionated
    After leaving the forces I completed a Masters in Computer Sciences and worked in the Industry for 30 years. Retiring following the strokes with a Compromise agreement with my employers I was a computer systems analyst. but not a geek!I am surprised that with so many ex-forces Conservative MPs this government is having such an easy passage decimating our forces.
    It id history that our forces are run down before a major conflict is it not? God help us if there is one.

  2. Mike Golden's grandad?
  3. List them. You might be surprised.
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  4. I think you may be having another stroke.
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  5. Looks like I woke people up, I love controversy. My ex and three sons live in N.I would I really like to see them living in the Republic
  6. I still shoot at Bisley but only air rifles now. When I lived in N.I with my family my eldest joined the ATC and I got involved and got to be an adult W.OII. I trained up as a range officer an firearm instructor, then taught the cadets how to shoot properly using the cadet single shot version of the SA80 and be very safe on the range my son got to be a cadet W.O. but things happen and he went off to uni to study architecture I returned to studying which my wife hated it ended in arguments and divorce, she had no idea of what education was about I returned to England an worked as a lecturer in a college and a university. my eldest qualified and now works in the middle east helping to build new cities. He is Head of Design for a UK company out there.
  7. You must be what, in your 50's and you use the phrase "is in de house".

    Im in my 30's and I cringed, if my 11 year old wrote that on face ache he would be getting a word about talking blick, and a computer science degree and you had a caps lock accident on your title.

    2/10 sock puppet.
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  8. I'm sorry, you are so boring I have contracted diabetes.

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  9. Were you a former RM Bugler 4 days ago?
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  10. Where's the Defender of Poor Ickle Picked-Upon Newbies?
  11. Did you ever have any bad landings whilst a Para? Ever land on your head?
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  12. You rang?
  13. Not you; the one with the badge and shit.

    Oi! Clean-up in aisle 6!
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  14. Werewolf?
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  15. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Left in '75 "and not long after in '82...." (that'll be a whole seven years then), the Argies went on their holliers in the South Atlantic.

    That sounds so.....

    (fill in your own gaps)