Rog`s Marathon.

In 1969 I was attached to 3RHA, and the driver of our 432 was a fresh faced young lad called Roger Millray, who in spite of being as fit as a butchers dog, could not make a decent cup of coffee. In spite of this he survived and eventually went his own way, and after discharge , settled down in Cumbria. We kept in touch, but one day we were devastated to hear that Rog`s son Darren had been killed in a tragic accident in Northern Ireland, whilst serving with the Kings Own Royal Border Regiment.
Roger is a keen Marathon runner, and has taken part in several high class events, and his dedication still mystifies me, but this doggedness also exists in the way he spends much of his time in helping to raise funds for SSAFA.
Which brings me to the point of this thread. Roger is trying to raise £40,000, and has chosen a pretty novel way of doing it. If you click on this link :-
everything will become clear.
The reason this thread is from me, is that Rog lives in an area where his broadband access is only possible by using a "dongle" (?), and so is pretty limited.

I know that there are people on just about every street corner asking for money these days, but personally I would sooner give to the honest little person, and especially one of our own who knows what tragedy means, than to an anonymous organisation.

Thanks In Advance,
Harry, (for Rog).

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