Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by freedomman, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. I know I'm going to regret this...

    As I can't access PPrune or EGoat from work and I know quite a few Crabs post here, can anyone enlighten me or point me towards the ROFA test requirements that will be in place in early March?

    There is much confusion at my Squadron amongst us TG's as there are a number of new elements that may or may not be in place when we are tested. RAF website (bless 'em) is as useful as a glass hammer....

    Rather than wait for the training staff to come back to us, is there anyone out there that can give us the heads-up so I can amend my fitness plan sooner rather than later?

    Just to confuse things, I'm an Auxilliary so I know we get 'softer' requirements, but what the fcuk are they?

  2. what is a ROFA or TG for that matter?
  3. I took the Auxiliary ROFA last weekend and the times/distances haven't changed. I asked the PEd staff about the rumours that are circulating and they confirmed that it was under review but nothing has changed yet.


    Regiment Operational Fitness Assesssment

    Trainee Gunner
  4. Trainee Gunner (definitely)
    Regimental Operational Fitness Assessment (probably)

    See how good the Rockapes are? TLA's not good enough for us, we use FLA's. Sigh.

    It's certain we take a stroll: distance, time and weight carried is under question. Oh and whether rifle is included in this weight or not.

    There's another, shorter, faster, lighter stroll. See above for bones of contention.

    There's possibly a bleep-test. See above.

    There's definitely carrying jerry-cans. See above.

    There's possibly a drag test - insert quip about dummy here.

    There's a swim test which probably includes a timed distance and treading water. You definitely have to get out unaided - common sense eh?

    There's definitely press-ups and sit-ups. How many and what time? Who fcuking knows?

    Then there's 'chin-ups' or whatever the current argot is. palms out or in? How many? Set time or just crack on until you hit the target or in my case start crying and demand political asylum.

    I asked if there would be a balancing test, where we would be expected to stand blindfolded on one leg whilst a small child fired on us with a pea-shooter, but was told that I was just being silly.

    Yours, confused of Wimblethropcestershire.
  5. Okay then, what did you do.

    PM me if you don't want the beastly Pongos to snigger at us.
  6. Not FLAs...ETLA (Extended Three Letter Acronyms)
  7. Oh right!!!

    changed from my day - used to be polish a rapier then onto the naafi for a 60pfg beer :D
  8. Freedomman, you definitely seem confused.

    Day 1 loaded march:

    34.5kgs including rifle covering 5km in not more than 50 min and no longer than 52 min. Helmets and CBA to be carried but not worn.

    Day 2 Speed march and representative tasks:

    20.7kgs including rifle over a distance of 1.6km whcih must be completed in not less than 12 min and no more than 12.30 min. It is preceeded by a warm up phase which is 800m in 7.5 mins. Again, helmets and CBA to be carried.

    Then, put on CBA and helmet and lift a 25kg bergan onto a shelf 1.6m high and then lower to ground under control.

    Carry 2 full jerry cans a distance of 25m in 16 secs, and finally, drag a 71kg fireman's dummy over 25m in no more than 20 secs.

    All weights are the same for the regular ROFA but distances and times are double. The swimming test is not usually included but PM me for more info